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Blur is a reunion I personally really could have done without, but their video for the new single Lonesome Street is superbly tongue in cheek – the question is only which cheek, because what I read here is: didn’t anybody tell these guys it isn’t 1996 anymore?


Besides the well-known Greek mythology, Mesopotamia hides epics consisting of several myths. The Epic of Gılgamesh from Ancient Mesopotamia, is one of them which is written in Sumerian and Assyrian. As the first written language in the world, Sumerian has no reminiscence to any language in the world.

Apparently, the well known stories in the Bible, Torah or Quran are influenced by the ones in the Epic. Baby Moses drifting in the river is basically the story of Sargon, or Noah’s Ark is a part of the poem ‘When the Gods were men‘ by Atramhasis.

In the fragmental texts of Gılgamesh − still some tablets are missing − Humbaba (Assyrian) or Huwawa (Sumerian) is one of the most gripping characters. This freak is the guard of the Cedar Forest whose intestines are on the face.

“Humbaba’s roar is a flood, his mouth is death and his breath is fire! He can hear a hundred leagues away any [rustling?] in his forest! Who would go down into his forest!” (Epic of Gılgamesh, Tablet II)


The former Löwenbräu brewery is a must-go for any art lover in Zürich, hosting a fantastic range of private galleries, institutions like the Migros Museum and arts-related enterprises such as the excellent publisher Edition Patrick Frey. Of course, that demands a bookstore that is up to par, and Kunstgriff certainly are. Located conveniently near the entrance, it acts like a museum store without all the knick knack, but instead a knowledgeable, in-depth assortment of fine books on fine arts, charming Swiss dialect included.

Buchhandlung Kunstgriff
Limmatstrasse 270
8005 Zürich


If Tumblr was a city, Devonté Hynes and Neneh Cherry’s “He She Me” vid would be its promo clip. The camera swims through the darkness following a female? protagonist who is entranced by the weird yet never weirded out. The viewer is never quite anchored via master shot except at the video’s conclusion; at times the POV even reels against the letterboxing. However, the overall tone is not nausea. Rather, the sheer alienness of the youth generated internet aesthetics our Alice in Wonderland encounters is both boggling and wonderful. Scattered with vaporware sculpture, computerized-looking gateways, and colorful NPCS, the video hypothesizes a reality where the futuristics visualized by the internet have manifested into physical reality. Directors Kathryn Ferguson and Alex Turvey have created an intriguing work.


It’s easy to forget that the entire art market craze is entirely artificial, as pointed out elegantly by New York painting heavyweight Brice Marden in another beautiful interview at Interview.


Politically iffy? Do-rag aside, the viral video by lanky Minnesotan teen Spooky Black promises a lot of talent and despite the tongue-in-cheek twiggy backdrop, surprises with its pathos.


Since their stunning work for the likes of Radiohead, Blur and Coldplay in the early noughts, UK-based studio Shynola tend to focus mostly on feature film work, so a new music video by them is always a welcome treat, in particular when it is for such a beautiful track as Need You Now from the new album by Hot Chip.

straight ahead

With his second volume of poetry, The Less Deceived, Philip Larkin became the preeminent poet of his generation, and a leading voice of what came to be called ‘The Movement’, a group of young English writers of the 50’s known for their commitment to a clear and formalistic diction instead of too much sentimentalism in English literature.

Snowden Memorial (removed)

Street art going “museum-quality” sculpture: Artists secretly installed an Ed Snowden monument in Brooklyn Park. But officials were quick to remove it.


Easter Parade in the Big Apple captured by Advanced Style.