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History in a Time of Hypercirculation
Public event by Spike Art Quarterly in their new editorial offices and exhibition space in Berlin
Monday, December 1, 2014, 7 pm

Round-table discussion with DIS, curatorial team of the 9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art; art historian Susanne von Falkenhausen; and artist Hito Steyerl, moderated by Spike editor Kolja Reichert:

Where does the impression of the ahistorical come from in many recent works?
What does art history mean for post-Internet artists and the so-called New Aesthetic?
Is the sense of historical orientation changing in times of hypercirculation?
Do we need a new productivism?

Spike Art Quarterly Berlin, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 45, 10178 Berlin

DIS: Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso, and David Toro, photo: Sabine Reitmaier

Read What You Want! A Reading Club… in the Ringbahn S41.

Read What You Want! is a hybrid between a book club and a reading club, that also focusses on the importance of space. The event is an experiment on how people inhabit spaces, both printed, as in the pages of a book, and physical, by our surroundings in the city. It is planned as an ongoing series starting with programmed meetings, in uncommon and odd places in Berlin. People that would like to participate are invited to bring a book, some snacks or tea, and join other participants in a communal reading.

The concept of Read What You Want! is that of a reading club, except that there are no limitations or boundaries as to what you read and how you participate. Everyone is free to read what they like and interact with the different spaces, as well as with other participants the way they want. A good excuse to meet people with a common interest — BOOKS.

The next event will take place this Saturday, November 29th, in the Ringbahn S41. The event will last for a complete trip (or two) and there will be some surprises along the way…

Next Event:
Saturday, November 29th
Ringbahn S41
Meeting point Ostkreuz S41 platform
3 pm

RSVP to the event here.

Russian Chocolat Paper

With Russian leaders being not so consumer oriented theses days, it’s good to know there are still appealing chocolate wrappings. I found a batch of these old chocolate paper designs, let’s kick off Christmas season with an excursion to visual rhetoric.


After Slowdive, another veteran of early ’90s shoegazing just announced their reunion and imminent tour: Ride are back. It’s a terrible idea, of course, but enough to make us listen back into some epic guitars.


James Pearl Jones (2014), Haas Brothers

"Cool World," Haas Brothers/R & Company

Hairy J. Blige (2014), Haas Brothers

Excuse the terrible pun, but the works of the Haas Brothers demands irreverence, even the corny sort. Since officially opening in 2012, Nikolai and Simon Haas have produced a bizarre body of work that teeters between Louise Bourgeouis-Dr. Seussian surreality and everyday utility. Invoking a naive sensuality unbothered by the sexual and taboo, their work appears a testament of their rich artistic heritage (their parents are creative professionals and their brother is actor Lukas Haas), but dwells in an mystique and aesthetic peculiar to the fraternal twins. Their most recent exhibition is “Cool World” with R & Company, New York, open until January 15, 2015.


Architectural insanity from MVRDV, our cover stars of issue #18: the Rotterdam-based architecture firm recently completed their first building in their home town, a giant covered market hall with a variety of high-end food stalls and regional farmers, in the shape of two residential buildings leaning towards each other in a giant sweep and fusing into a curved rooftop, illuminated by large murals of flowers and vegetables. In its structural absurdity and aesthetic strangeness, it is MVRDV at their best – and, apparently, already hugely popular with Rotterdam’s residents.


Did we mention that art book fairs are all over the place these days? But this weekend is special, because this weekend we will see the revival of one of our favourite fairs ever, London’s legendary and long gone AWOL Publish and Be Damned.

Undergoing a revamp and reappearing under a new name – Three Letter Words – but thankfully, in their original location, at the lovely Rochelle School, TLW is also pursuing an ambitious agenda beyond the fair, planning an online magazine, several artist commissions and collaborations, and a virtual library as well as a digital art book fair – in short, a healthy blend of analog and digital tools to promote that beautiful genre of the artist book and magazine. You can support them here, and in the meantime, expect seven hours of mayhem on Saturday. Never mind the crowds, but make sure to visit us and say hello.

Three Letter Words Launch and Fair
Saturday 22 November 2014
11 a.m – 6.30 p.m.

Rochelle School & Club Row
Arnold Circus
London, E2 7ES

Our Arrangement Hasn’t Changed

So much goodness floating around these days, we have to get rid of some early year-end love: Amen Dunes has a new video (below) and plays Berlin and Cologne next week (plus, Son Lux will also be in town), Run The Jewels 2 is Murder Mayhem Melodic Music indeed, Efterklang’s Vincent Moon-produced The Last Concert flick is now available (below), we discovered the Ultimate Painting, and what, who’s Hayden Pedigo? Did we mention yet we’re a little bored (Performance o.t.Y. below)?


Nowadays in Vdrome: Street Cat Deluxe by Ovidiu Anton

“The recent transformation of the city of Istanbul is critically analysed by a heterogeneous group of inhabitants of the Turkish metropolis. Discussing such topics as the impact of tourism, the effects of gentrification, and the results of urban policies on their daily lives, the single individuals also comment on the complex sharing of the city with their fellow denizens.”


While preparing and opening our exhibition in Los Angeles, we naturally had to visit the local art book stores, amongst them the rather wonderful Skylight Books. Divided into two stores, one for fiction and one for art books, Skylight is the epitome of what great bookstores in the USA are so good at: atmosphere. A beautiful, warm space, good music at just the right volume, extremely friendly staff, a pleasant smell in the air (seriously) – and a perfect, passionate display of everything that is relevant. All situated in that most perfect area of Los Feliz, and if you have ever find yourself there, make sure to visit.

Skylight Books
1818 N Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027