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Colorado House is a small publishing company that focuses on beautiful, heart-warming editions based on collaborations with writers, artists, technicians and craftspeople. Their mission – my heart’s sparkling – to advance ’small, unlikely ideas that are in ongoing danger of being lost, forgotten or ruled out’. The first edition of ‘TIMES’ is available on their (very neat!) website or on beloved Motto.

I just ask myself why they did without the ironic winking and printed the outlines of the images on the opposite page straight instead of mirroring them. For the benefit of legibility might be. Probably an inversion would make more sense if the shape of each picture would appear as an embossed print, as if it had pushed through the opposite page and therefore left an irrevocable trace. For the next time maybe?


Ray King

Ray King

Since relocating back to sunny Philadelphia (guys, the sunny part is a joke), I’ve been wanting to shed some love on one of Anerica’s most underrated art-poli. Because it’s been so gloomy recently, I feel particularly drawn to the work of Ray King–no pun intended–whose iridescent, delicate structures have been exhibited in multiple countries.  Their precise geometric forms are maps of the photo spectrum of their locales, translating shifts in light into color and value.

Coincidentally enough I ran into him when I got knocked on the wrong door–he’s also a nice guy!  This leads me to conclude: it’s always funny in Philadelphia.


It’s the one Tumblr to end all Tumblrs: B4XVI, a blog established to document “an invisible conversation between hip hop and art before the 16th century” – happy Easter!


With spring in the air, high time to introduce our second campaign that we produced with for New York fashion label tsesay. Continuing our modular graphic system of fashion images juxtaposed on land/cityscapes, this time we focused on summery sun-drenched settings as the tsesay Spring/Summer 2014 collection is largely inspired by surf and skate culture, incorporating elements of beach wear and tie dye techniques. To capture a sense of lightness and joy, all fashion images were shot in full motion, while the background images unashamedly revel in that summer feeling. in pop modus, and happy Easter everyone.

Art Direction /
Photography / Kai von Rabenau
Styling / Syria Bellisario
Hair & Make Up / Julie Skok
Model / Michaela / Izaio

Dekmantel Festival

Summer is nearly upon us, and with lots of festivals everywhere, we advise not to miss the return of Dekmantel festival to Amsterdam for 2014. With the likes of Nicolas Jaar recently announced and others such as Mount Kimbie (Now on tour), Jamie XX, Joy Orbison and waves more, its at an easy all round location and could be a super weekend getaway. Also check the fabulous new website and event trailer.

Amsterdamse Bos
Nieuwe Meerlaan 3
1182 Amstelveen


Helena Henneken crosses Iran with her back-pack in 59 days and the result is They Would Rock.

“If my people lived in another country, they would rock!” – that’s how a 16-year-old Iranian pictures the situation.


We were going to post the new video by Bleachers, I Wanna Get Better, directed by girl(friend) Lena Dunham, but alas, we can’t watch it – because we live in Germany. Anyone here will be familiar with the words coming up as above, which refer to a stalemate between the German GEMA, a notoriously bureaucratic institution that collects royalties for music being played in public on behalf of the music industry, and YouTube/Google, Vevo, etc, who are happy to collect advertising money, but don’t think they should be paying royalties to the musicians whose content they live on. Obviously, there are always tow sides to any argument, but who’s the real loser in this is us, the public. Anyway, if you are living outside of Germany, you can watch the video here, and let us know if it’s any good.


Indeed, we can never beat nature. But we can try to learn from its elaborate ways of designing & engineering and digitally translate it to our genious invention the 3-D printer to let him create what we wouldn´t be able to.
Just to come close to nature. So does Israelian architect and designer beauty Neri Oxman who won the Earth Award for Future Crucial Design in 2009. British science and technology magazine Wired interviewed her a few years ago after New York’s MoMA bought a series of her Natural Artifice sculptures and according to wikipedia Shalom Life ranked her #1 in 2012 on its list of  “the 50 most talented, intelligent, funny, and gorgeous Jewish women in the world”.

Definitely a woman who would be interesting to talk to, don’t you think?


The dating scene can get a soul down, and usually I turn to the tunes for relief for my heart burn. “Luv Sikk” by Finnish DJ Kiki is the closest approximation I’ve heard lately to the experience of  infatuation (and heartbreak). Propelled by the thudding beat, it kicks off with thrilling scales and hammers on despite the interjection of a paranoid warning siren…before trailing off, spent, on an unresolved note:a cliffhanger.

Sounds familiar?


Whatever our little minds might think up, you can’t beat nature, of course. Nature will just always win. And just in case one might have forgotten about that, watch Daniel Stoupin’s stupendous time-lapse film, Slow Life, painstakingly assembled from thousands of still life photographs of coral reefs in full bloom. Turn off the sound and be amazed.