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Our friends at Neue Berliner Räume run a curatorial project that has made it part of their mission to explore Berlin as a gigantic exhibition space, organising interventions in various and ever changing places (for instance in 2012 with Robert Montgomery, which led to our collaboration on the accompanying artist’s book).

For the past few months, NBR have been dealing with the venerable Kunsthaus Dahlem, curating a series of events during the summer leading up to the museum’s reopening this June after extensive refurbishment. It’s a project precisely to NBR’s liking, and tomorrow will see the fifth installment of the ongoing project, where they will open the space in its entirety one last time before it will take on its new formal appearance. Famous last words: ‘The place surrounds us and here, we begin.’

Wo der Ort beginnt / Fünf
Stein auf Stein gelegt
Where the Place Begins / Five
Stone is Laid on Stone

May 23, 2015

With contributions by: Vajiko Chachkhiani, Amir Fattal, Sonja Hornung, Lynne Marsh, Alessandro Rauschmann, Sonya Schönberger, Dan Stockholm, Lukas Töpfer, Gernot Wieland

Kunsthaus Dahlem
Käuzchensteig 8-12
14195 Berlin


In his solo show that will take place in GSL Projekt in Berlin, Aksaygın is contemplating on discrimination with the help of superhero Jhad, who is carrying artist’s ‘particular social, economical and sexual codes in Germany’. Fashion label SADAK, performance artist, musician and DJ Namosh and curator Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu is contributing with their design, music and text.

‘I am Jhad. I am the defender and protector of German society’s existence as I embody the integral and inseparable Other. I was created for this mission by German homosexuals and marvelous sexual powers were bestowed upon me. Hasan and I cohabit the same physical body; him as an artist and I as a Jihadist.’

Hasan Aksaygın
Openning: 22.05.2015 at 7pm
GSL Projekt
Novalisstr. 7
10115 Berlin


Dazed Digital are calling them “Incredibly fun”, and The Paris Review are calling them “Colorfully hot reads for the thinking pervert”. After some fun, light Summer/Winter reading (depending on your hemisphere)? Badlands Unlimited has recently published the New Lovers Trilogy, including the above pictured, God, I Don’t Even Know Your Name” by Andrea McGinty -

Eva is a hot mess. When her promising art career in New York takes a plunge, she enters rehab and finds sobriety – but not peace of mind. She escapes to Europe and loses herself in one hook up after another using ‘Bangly’, the newest dating app. She meets a run-of-the-mill Finnish curator and thinks it’s love. Or is it just wanderlust?


Jonathan Keller Keller (aka JK Keller, and yes I know) creates eerie audio-visual manipulations of iconic television shows. A clever tweak to the underlying politics of watching and listening, Keller’s remastered episodes are admittedly entrancing. You’ll try hard resist osmosis into the gelatinous trembling image, and the entire series is a spectacularly haptic.

All That Glitters

Update: there’s even more gold. And it goes by the name Gwilym. Gold.


As we are slowly recovering from our collective hang-overs, fuzzy memories of last night slowly emerge: What was that cake? Did Cyprien ever find Terre in the crowd? Did that guy really relieve himself while walking, casually chatting to his friend? Anyway, here are some images from a very packed Möbel Olfe last night, and thank you for joining us for such a nice evening – Terre Thaemlitz was very pleased, and so were we. Our new issue will be available as of next week, and a beauty it is.


Don’t forget to join us tonight for the launch of our new issue with Terre Thaemlitz! (Due to come back from the printers this afternoon… Phew!)


Chains in porcelain, brains in paraffin, bones in clay. French artist Rachel Labastie skillfully uses material to comment on the tension between body, violence, human nature and aspiration. See her talk about the importance of fire and the appearance of things here.


Dear Friends,

the month of May is packed with revolutionary street fairs, birthday parties, gallery openings, and we’re about to add yet one more event to the happy mix, because spring is in the air: we’re excited to invite you to the launch party of our forthcoming issue, mono.kultur #39, featuring none other than electronic producer Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles.

‘In relation to these larger dynamics, the music is pretty irrelevant,’ says Thaemlitz during our interview, ‘these larger dynamics’ referring to the political undertones of nightlife, as safe spaces for social interaction in general and gender and sexual variance in particular. And so we couldn’t have wished for a better place than Kreuzberg’s Möbel Olfe to host, with music selected specifically by Terre Thaemlitz, who might or might not join us for a casual, sociable night out.

We promise a great place, great music, free entrance and, of course, a formidable issue.
Join the event on Facebook here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there,


mono.klub #46
Launch Party of mono.kultur #39


Möbel Olfe
Reichenberger Straße 177
Kottbusser Tor
10999 Berlin Kreuzberg


For New York Magazine’s annual television issue, Italian illustrator Giacomo Gambineri creates a zany catalogue of the year’s most memorable moments on the tube. A Where’s Waldo? of primetime specials, where everyone is Waldo, the smaller pictures reveal a more depressing portrait of pop culture. Just look, and you’ll find that sex and violence direct the majority of the scenes. This truth that is not lost on Gambineri, and his figures burst with both spritely charm and stiff-lipped irony. As for me, my favorite duo is Big Bird and Steven Colbert.