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Indeed: final days of preparing mono.kultur #39 for print, out later this May. It’s going to be a hard one.


Besides techno, regardless of the genre, Berlin is an important spot for international music scene as well. Unerhörte Musik is one of the engrossing events in the field of New Music that has been taking place in BKA Theater every Tuesday.  Today, the concert series –  founded in 1989 – is hosting Trio Cimbalarchi Berlin. Eniko Ginzery (Cimbalom), Emmanuelle Bernard (Violine) and Jesper Ulfenstedt (Kontrabass) will be playing pieces composed by Hans Joachim Hespos, István Láng, Gabriel Irányi, Torsten Sense, Martin Hiendl, Miroslav Tóth, Antonio Gino Bibalo and Erik Janson.

Attending the third part of Moi Machine Moi, The DRAWNONWARD Reading Group (Free Entrance and in English) at 17 pm by Jeremy Wade and Kerstin Stakemeier at HAU and heading for the concert at BKA sounds like a plan for a Tuesday evening in Berlin.

Unerhörte Musik
Trio Cimbalarchi Berlin
BKA Theater
Mehringdamm 34, 10961

Moi Machine Moi, The DRAWNONWARD Reading Group
Jeremy Wade, Kerstin Stakemeier
17 pm
Stresemannstr. 29
10963 Berlin

Up on the toe, the air is thinner

Haleh Redjaian’s works on paper, textiles, and site-specific wall installations seek to embody Rumi’s provocation not only to become more inquisitively perceptive of the imperfect grids of daily life, but also to twist and break conventional patterns in order to reveal previously unknown gateways.

Redjaian creates ornamental forms by adopting the language of drawing in multiple dimensions working with a variety of materials. This practice unfolds a sequence of ruptures within the habitual patterns of contemporary human existence.

Discovered at ARRATIA BEER at Gallery Weekend Berlin.


I’m a bit of a sucker for Health, so news of an imminent new album are exciting. Keep watching halfway for the most extended graphic vomiting scene in the history of music videos. Good, puerile fun.


On short notice, our friends at the new and excellent photography magazine If You Leave have organised an informal talk on independent publishing, as part of their current showcase at betahaus in Berlin. We’ll be part of the panel discussion among a handful of fine speakers, so if in the area, make sure to drop by.

02 May 2015 / 16h

Prinzessinnenstraße 19/20
10969 Kreuzberg


A jab and nod at the cursed video trope, “Names” plays like a charmed VHS (does anybody use those anymore), kaleidoscopic artifacts coalescing to form BOSCO. If anything is cursed, the collaboration between the Atlanta singer and DJ/producer Treasure Fingers is supremely catchy and will probably take a few hours of your life. The video itself manages to be simultaneously a throwback to eighties MTV cheekiness while showing off almost all forms of visual detritus.


“Hmm, brandy or beer? Water’s a good idea/Wish that bar lady’d appear and come serve over here”…


Since 2011 every May, Month of Performance Art Berlin has been covering the flirty days of spring in Berlin with several performances, events, screenings, workshops and talks on performativity. Collaboratively organized by Association of Performance Art in Berlin and the artists in the program, this non-profit platform for performance art will start with a non-formal opening party at Görlitzer Park with pop-up performances moving to Grünthaler 9 for  Süpper Club.  Besides being in various spaces in the city, House of Performance Art a.k.a MPA-HUB will be hosting the majority of the program and other talks and events. During the month, reviews, interviews and various documentations about the performances written and collected by the festival’s bloggers may be followed on the MPA-Blog.


We’ve had a great experience with Kickstarter a few years ago helping us fund our book with Robert Montgomery – anyone thinking about crowdfunding something similar should really head down to Acud this evening, where Victoria Rogers from Kickstarter New York will give an introduction to Kickstarter and some serious advice on how to use it.


In conjunction with the Gallery Weekend Berlin, ARCH+ is launching its new series of ARCH+ DISPLAYS, starting with the Vitsoe Reading Room and the zines of Swiss publisher Nieves at ARCH+ studio in KW Institute for Contemporary Art’s building complex. On the occasion of the opening on April 30, 2015, Hamburg-based artist Stefan Marx will talk about his collaboration with Nieves.

Opening: Thursday, 30.4.2015, 18–21 h
1.5.2015: 15–21 h, 2.–3.5.2015: 11–19 h
ARCH+ Studio at KW Institute for Contemporary Art,
Auguststrasse 69, 10117 Berlin, side wing, 3rd floor