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We mentioned them a little while ago and we’ll mention them again, as The Acid’s splendid debut album Liminal is out now. Utterly glorious bass ballads for the 21st century.

Special Books

Some books are more special than others…

For 40 years, Gerhard Steidl has combined the roles of printer and publisher, resolved to personally check each sheet leaving his printing shop in Göttingen. This perfectionism, combined with an unconditional love for books, for the traditional printing craft, and a commitment to the quality standards of manufacturing (in the original sense of the word, made by hand), has gained worldwide attention. The most internationally renowned photographic artists vie for the opportunity to collaborate with Gerhard Steidl, to conceive and produce the perfect publication with him.

Embark on a trip with German printer and publisher Gerhard Steidl to his book world.


We’re always up for a good snippet of advice, so these beautiful posters by Colorado-based studio Berger & Föhr in tribute to and compiling some words of wisdom by design heavyweight Massimo Vignelli, who sadly passed away this May, are exactly our glass of ice-cold lemonade.

LIFE 1964: “New York’s Negro Ghetto Erupts”

50 years back, on July 16 fifteen year old James Powell was shot and killed by Lieutenant Thomas Gilligan. It happened on a hot thursday.

Life magazine reports on page 14: “The Harlem Riots: New York’s Negro Ghetto Erupts”.

Buy a copy now for only US $7.95


The song is good, but the video is wonderful. Fueling the beats and lyrics with Parallax-inspired stop motion, Nelson de Castro’s take on Digitalism’s Wolves is insanely addictive, and rather than sapping the viewer’s interest, the cinematic trope increases the hallucinatory momentum of the visuals, culminating in a cryptic Pop Rocks stare-off. How I’d like to end every night.


La Muralla Roja – The Red Wall – is an apartment building by Ricardo Bofill constructed in 1973 on the Mediterranean coast near Alicante in Spain, and in vicinity of La Manzanera, an equally odd if aesthetically quite different Bofill landmark building. La Muralla Roja reads like an intellectual exercise gone havoc: drawing inspiration from the popular architecture of the Arab Mediterranean and constructivism alike, it actually attempts to rework ideas of the Islamic casbah by creating an intricate system of terraces, patios and alleys. Carefully colour-coded to contrast and complement the sky and the sea, La Muralla Roja hovers like a hallucinatory fortress on the cliffs, part Mediterranean village, part Miami splendour.

All images by Taller de Arquitectura


Founded by English gardener John Tebbs, The Garden Edit redraws the traditional boundaries associated with shopping and the garden by bringing together a modern collection of products that embody functionality, timelessness and beauty. The collection reflects John’s personal aesthetic – minimal, well-designed products from craftspeople, artists, publishing houses and family run businesses. It is really very beautiful!


This was a long night full of rain and chatter, queueing up in front of the bar of your choice (or setting an edge on
your couch at home if you didn´t want to get soaked), jumpiness, cheer and watery eyes. The game has ended,
the dice is cast now. Thanks to the probably most charismatic team of this year‘s championship.

And now back to work, seriously…

Image of the Day: Thank Heavens

‘Tis Saturday, so let’s thank the Gods, for they (or someone else) gave Johann König a kid that’s into skateboarding, a fact which probably helped when it came to deciding whether or not to have his (indeed: his) incredible St. Agnes church in Kreuzberg turned into a temporary skate spot earlier this week. Anyway, thanks, Place Mag, for the image. And now back to soccer.


The aging enfant terrible of British literature, Will Self, in a rather great essay on Chernobyl for Port.