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Dear Friends,
within the general feeling of unease, we are thrilled to present our new issue mono.kultur #49 with Spanish artist and activist Santiago Sierra, widely acclaimed and frequently despised for his controversial performances that aim straight for the point where it hurts the most.
Santiago Sierra is perhaps best known for his infamous ‘remunerated actions’, in [...]

Space Refugee

Halil Altındere, 3 Cosmonaut Family Costumes (2016), Muhammed Ahmed Faris with Friends I-II (2016); exhibition view Space Refugee, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, 2016, photo: Jens Ziehe. Courtesy the artist and PİLOT Gallery, Istanbul.
‘Halil Altındere developed the Space Refugee project for Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, which in the light of European defense against immigrants and at some [...]


Throwback, extant. Originally published in Emigre #65, Rob Giampietro and Rudy VanderLans’s conversation on the Default Systems Design aesthetic and the search for the standard.


It’s that time of year again. Glad to see digital biennale The Wrong has pushed through in its second year. Look through its digital pavilions and list of irl sites to access. More than 1000 artists, all free art.


Autumn rains are here, and so is the annual season of art book fairs. With the mother of all art book fairs leading the way a few weeks ago, publishing execs worldwide will move their smartphones to Frankfurt this week for the largest regular book gathering in the world, accompanied this Saturday by its little [...]


The German blockbuster-directer Roland Emmerich has just released a trailer for his new movie Stonewall, and it’s been already discussed controversially, particularly about its lack of authenticity. Just to quickly recap: The Stonewall Riots were a series of protests in 1969 against the police by the LGBT community in New York after a police raid in [...]


Marsha P. Johnson was a liberation activist. Despite Hollywood’s latest claims as in the film Stonewall(2015), the African American drag queen was the one who threw the first brick against the police in June, 1969. Literally, according to various sources, this trans woman of color ‘really started it’ − not a pretty clean white boy [...]


Albert Maysles, Iris Apfel, 2015 via Maysles films
Legendary Iris says: ‘They say they want to be different and they all wear a uniform. I mean, in New York you can probably tell somebody’s zip code by what they are wearing…Technology is a wonderful thing but I think it’s violently misused. I mean, I [...]


Christian Kracht’s book Imperium has been considered as a “Melvillean masterpiece of the South Seas” recently. Released in Germany in 2012, it has now been translated into English by Daniel Bowes.
The protagonist of the fiction is August Engelhardt, a “nudist and cocovore”, who purchases land in what was then German New Guinea, in order to [...]


Terre Thaemlitz has commented on the changes to Japan’s controversial Fuueihou law via a statement on her website. The post responds to the “Declaration On the Future Of Japan’s Club Culture”, signed by 40 Japanese DJs on the same day that the 67-year-old law was officially changed by the Japanese government. She argues that it has “no purpose other than [...]