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Our longtime collaborator (emphasis on loooong time) and programmer of our choice Christian Frey also happens to be passionate about two things beyond the screen: documentary photography and soccer. Both of which worlds merged in his ongoing project of documenting the Football World Cups since 2006, but on fan and street level. To be continued [...]


In an era of conceptual art, it’s ironic  that not all concepts are consummated. Bringing them to light, if not life, Hans Ulrich Olbrist with Julieta Aranda, and Anton Vidokle has created a Agency of Unrealized Projects (AUP), an archive of “the forgotten projects, the directly or indirectly censored projects, the partially realized projects, the misunderstood projects, [...]


Last weekend, the New York Times Magazine, ever worth watching and recently in the hands of art director Matt Willey – who also designed our issue with Chris Ware – forayed into new territories of virtual reality. The issue came with Google’s cardboard VR viewer that you can slide your smartphone into to access a [...]


Now that the mother of all streetstyle magazines, i-D, has been swallowed up by the Vice empire for a bright and digital future, it’s only fair enough to cash in on the long legacy of the printed edition with a look back at 35 years’ worth of more than 300 covers featuring that famous wink.


“On a recent visit to the Sacramento library, the high number of homeless patrons I saw there surprised me. Seeing them in that quiet space, consumed by traditional media, I was struck by the difference between them and most of society with its 24/7 connection to streaming digital media. I began this project to take [...]

Take your checked pattern out

The new documentary about Kurt Cobain is finally in our movies – ‘Montage of heck‘ by Brett Morgen is named after a mix tape the director accidentally found when he shoveled his way through Kurt‘s belongings and apparently inspired him to do this fidgety, collage-like movie about the beloved and here, forever on the cutting [...]


As an asylum seeker, one is already othered, lives in hard conditions whilst waiting for one of the basic rights to be approved: the freedom of movement. No one would leave her/his country if there was no more wars or more tolerance towards other choices. Even in so-called-civilised-West, women and LGBTI rights is still a crucial [...]


‘In the heart of Berlin’s Neukölln, a new film space is spreading its wings and wants to be shared with you. Located in what was once a brothel, it is a place of wild ideas and primal courage. w o l f engages with cinema and aims to be a home and a learning ground for [...]


Remember those? For his project The Long Lines, photographer Spencer Harding spent a few weeks photographing dozens of ‘microwave towers’ in California, now defunct relics marking a turning point in telecommunication when phone signals were first transmitted via the sky rather than the earth.
Photography: The Long Lines by Spencer Harding


‘The Bronx felt like home to me because the people I photographed took me into their hearts and made me family. When you are family, a place can still be dangerous at times but it is home.’ It’s this discrepancy between violence and poverty on one side, family and belonging on the other, [...]