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As an asylum seeker, one is already othered, lives in hard conditions whilst waiting for one of the basic rights to be approved: the freedom of movement. No one would leave her/his country if there was no more wars or more tolerance towards other choices. Even in so-called-civilised-West, women and LGBTI rights is still a crucial problem, considering the heteronormative mind-set trying to shape individuals.

A photojoournalist Brandley Secker, has been documenting gay and transgender asylum seekers residing in Turkey. The series Kütmaan, meaning hidden or concealed in Arabic, depicts the lives whilst waiting to be approved and welcomed by the West.

Not only from Iran, but also from other parts of Middle East, thousands try to escape from the war supported by US with the guns produced in US and EU… Meanwhile, they are trying to live in the camps that are provided for them. The spokeswoman of refugees in Berlin, Napuli Paul Langa, is an important figure to learn more about the burden.