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Priceless: one of our favourite artists, David Shrigley (and no, we really don’t have any issues left), was commissioned to design the new mascot for Scottish football team Patrick Thistle. They got a yellow, erm, thistle, even though it reminded us instantly of something else. What were they thinking?

Miranda’s Trick: Free of Distractions

McSweeney’s first ever student short story contest!

If you are a fan of McSweeney’s

Blowing sound horns

Digital pioneer, musician and critic Jaron Lanier wins the annual Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. One Year after Snowden and 7000 years after the first computer I recommend listening to him blowing his sound horns.
A more comprehensive post including a video.


For those who have been keeping up, you might remember Tilda Swinton’s the 8½  Foundation, mentioned in her now sold out interview with mono.kultur. Named after the eponymous Fellini film, the Scotland-based foundation was inspired by the musings of  her then eight-and-a-half years old son and dedicates itself to gifting free benchmark films to children at [...]


Pringle of Scotland – Animation by David Shrigley from NeutralZurich on Vimeo.
Everyone loves David Shrigley drawings.  At least a lot of people do.  I really like this one (which by complete coincidence can be bought in various forms through mono.konsum).  If you like David Shrigely drawings, you’ll really really like David Shrigley animations; even [...]