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In an era of conceptual art, it’s ironic  that not all concepts are consummated. Bringing them to light, if not life, Hans Ulrich Olbrist with Julieta Aranda, and Anton Vidokle has created a Agency of Unrealized Projects (AUP), an archive of “the forgotten projects, the directly or indirectly censored projects, the partially realized projects, the misunderstood projects, [...]


To start the new year in sonic style, why not spend some time on revisiting the back catalogue of Obscure Records – Brian Eno’s short-lived record label from the mid-1970s that nonetheless released some ambient classics, including his own masterpiece Discreet Music. All available for streaming at Ubuweb, or why not order our very own [...]


Are you looking forward to listening the new album of Beach House? Click ‘Single Finder‘ on the band’s official website, choose three of your favourite tracks from the previous albums of the band and listen a new one online that would fit to your Beach House taste.

Most Exclusive Website

Waiting in line, or queuing if you prefer, used to be a cultural strategy to cope with deficit. In an age of abundance, waiting becomes a monastery-like virtue. But not it’s not only selective minimalism of urban micro-brew knowledge, third wave coffee meticulousness or single speed bike fetishism indicating the less is beautiful consumerism: Please, [...]


As the Greek drama unfolds, crowdfunding comes to rescue: help save Greece, in what must be the most ambitious crowdfunding campaign ever.


In one of his latest articles ‘It’s a Mistake to Mistake Content for Content’ for Los Angeles Review of Books, the poet and founder of UbuWeb, Kenneth Goldsmith mentions the consumption of goods of Internet –  reminiscent of what Terre Thaemlitz says in our latest issue about mp3s as a commodity and the-almost-violent-act of downloading whatever we encounter [...]