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Monthly Archives: May 2015

This Sunday: Cheer On Mono

See that logo six seconds into the clip (also see above)? Yap, mono’s riding again…

For the fifth consecutive year our favorite cycling crew Team #TORtOUR will be taking part in the infamous Berlin Velothon. Join the team on Sunday from 10:00AM @no74_berlin to cheer for all the riders taking part in this year’s race! #adidas [...]


Dear Friends,
just in time for the weekend, we are finally ready to unleash our new issue with electronic producer and political participant Terre Thaemlitz.
Politics and the dance floor make for uneasy bedfellows, and it is this uneasiness that drives most of the work of Terre Thaemlitz, confronting head-on issues that are usually off [...]


I really was wrong, before, to say that utopias are turned against the body and destined to erase it. They were born from the body itself, and perhaps afterwards they turned against it…
In a radio lecture with the title ‘The utopian body‘ from 1966 Michel Foucault describes his body as something incorporeal, a place outside [...]


Some product shots and other btis and pieces to take care of before we officially release our new issue with Terre Thaemlitz later this week – did we mention already that we’re super pleased with it?


Our friends at Neue Berliner Räume run a curatorial project that has made it part of their mission to explore Berlin as a gigantic exhibition space, organising interventions in various and ever changing places (for instance in 2012 with Robert Montgomery, which led to our collaboration on the accompanying artist’s book).
For the past few months, [...]


In his solo show that will take place in GSL Projekt in Berlin, Aksaygın is contemplating on discrimination with the help of superhero Jhad, who is carrying artist’s ‘particular social, economical and sexual codes in Germany’. Fashion label SADAK, performance artist, musician and DJ Namosh and curator Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu is contributing with their design, [...]


Dazed Digital are calling them “Incredibly fun”, and The Paris Review are calling them “Colorfully hot reads for the thinking pervert”. After some fun, light Summer/Winter reading (depending on your hemisphere)? Badlands Unlimited has recently published the New Lovers Trilogy, including the above pictured, “God, I Don’t Even Know Your Name” by Andrea McGinty -
Eva is [...]


Jonathan Keller Keller (aka JK Keller) creates eerie audio-visual manipulations of iconic television shows. A clever tweak to the underlying politics of watching and listening, Keller’s remastered episodes are entrancing. You’ll try hard resist osmosis into the gelatinous trembling image, and the entire series is a spectacularly haptic.

All That Glitters

Update: there’s even more gold. And it goes by the name Gwilym. Gold.


As we are slowly recovering from our collective hang-overs, fuzzy memories of last night slowly emerge: What was that cake? Did Cyprien ever find Terre in the crowd? Did that guy really relieve himself while walking, casually chatting to his friend? Anyway, here are some images from a very packed Möbel Olfe last night, and [...]