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Our friends at Neue Berliner Räume run a curatorial project that has made it part of their mission to explore Berlin as a gigantic exhibition space, organising interventions in various and ever changing places (for instance in 2012 with Robert Montgomery, which led to our collaboration on the accompanying artist’s book).

For the past few months, NBR have been dealing with the venerable Kunsthaus Dahlem, curating a series of events during the summer leading up to the museum’s reopening this June after extensive refurbishment. It’s a project precisely to NBR’s liking, and tomorrow will see the fifth installment of the ongoing project, where they will open the space in its entirety one last time before it will take on its new formal appearance. Famous last words: ‘The place surrounds us and here, we begin.’

Wo der Ort beginnt / Fünf
Stein auf Stein gelegt
Where the Place Begins / Five
Stone is Laid on Stone

May 23, 2015

With contributions by: Vajiko Chachkhiani, Amir Fattal, Sonja Hornung, Lynne Marsh, Alessandro Rauschmann, Sonya Schönberger, Dan Stockholm, Lukas Töpfer, Gernot Wieland

Kunsthaus Dahlem
Käuzchensteig 8-12
14195 Berlin