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Istanbul, Beirut, Belgrade or Sofia… Which one is the new Berlin? Leaving the unnecessary discussion behind, one shall focus on what comes from those idiosyncratic geographies.
The musician Gaye Su Akyol, one of the cool women of the band Seni Görmem İmkansız, has released her solo album. Develerle Yaşıyorum (I have been living with Camels) is [...]


Indie animation mainstay since “My First Crush,” (2007), her plaintive ode to infatuation, Julia Potts has in the last seven years only grown as an artist. Her most recent offering, “The Event,”  places her wry melancholy and signature animal-like creatures into landscapes that merge live-action images of Montauk and hand-drawn animation.  The digitalized special effects [...]


The dating scene can get a soul down, and usually I turn to the tunes for relief for my heart burn. “Luv Sikk” by Finnish DJ Kiki is the closest approximation I’ve heard lately to the experience of  infatuation (and heartbreak). Propelled by the thudding beat, it kicks off with thrilling scales and hammers on despite [...]


For those who have been keeping up, you might remember Tilda Swinton’s the 8½  Foundation, mentioned in her now sold out interview with mono.kultur. Named after the eponymous Fellini film, the Scotland-based foundation was inspired by the musings of  her then eight-and-a-half years old son and dedicates itself to gifting free benchmark films to children at [...]


Andrei Tarkovsky’s intense films, though numbering only seven across his almost quarter decade career, have cemented his place as one of cinema’s master craftsmen. Meditative, intimate, and often opaque, the films lack nothing in compelling narrative nor symbolic density.  Those not fond of slower films can still wonder at his meticulous composition, baptized by [...]


‘Let them eat pepper gas’
Recep Tayyip Antoinette
‘Welcome the the gas festival’, ‘There is a beach under the stones’, ‘There is a revolution going on here, Signorita’,‘I could not find a slogan’ were some of the slogans written on the walls of beauteous cities of Turkey, the land of pepper. All you have been seeing in the news was a [...]


Protests in Turkey are going on while the type of gas used by the police is constantly changing. First it was burning eyes, make one puke; then the one that hurts the skin… The last but not least is affecting the ability to think properly. Bring it on Mr. President!
The violence of the police increase. [...]


By following Tilda Swinton and Madonna, please keep spreading the word about a secular, civil revolution against Islamist fascist* prime ministers and neoliberal capitalists in the world…
For a short and effective summary of what has been done.
Protestors working altogether again to extinguish the fire that provocateurs lighted.
*The photo being shown here is depicting the poetic side [...]


Big Hearted Business is a wonderful new initiative set up by Claire Bowditch – “As part of a new-guard of micro-business educators, BHB exists to teach brilliant, creative people how to build strong, successful, caring businesses, without compromising their integrity, their health, or their happiness. Through free weekly videos, expert-interviews, affordable online courses, beautifully styled live [...]


Wonderful footages from Roy Andersson’s A Swedish Love Story used for Thieves Like Us.