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Dafna Maimon is a Finnish-Israeli video and performance artist based in Berlin and currently a resident at Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Her recent video and performance hybrid project Human Comma Being is concerned with identity constructions that challenge definitions of the self, the other and the body, acknowledging our living or technological doppelgangers and missing limbs. During [...]


It’s a bit late to be hyping this now.  Or perhaps we are just very foresighted.
In any case, Plural Projekt was/is (will be again) a Dresden-based artists collective started by five students from the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts: Anna Grützner, Diana Welmeier, Denny Brückner, Patricia Detmering, and Benjamin Hummitzsch.  After a year of planning and [...]


You read in doodles the automatic writing from daydreams. That is to be the philosophy behind Akira Horikawa’s 1000Drawing Project. For five years Horikawa’s regimen of drawing out daily impressions, oneiro-ventures, chances encounters have reaped a thousand images of the funhouse delirium. Fantastic, erotic, and sometimes eerie, with blank-eyed humans stacked and arranged [...]

Here from Above

195 Yachts, Barges, Cargo Lines, Tankers and Other Ships

120 Stadiums

Every Baseball Diamond in Manhattan

Jenny Odell collected some stuff for us, using Google’s Satellite View, and frames it nicely with a notion by Hannah Arendt:
…because human existence is conditioned existence, it would be impossible without things, and things would be a heap of unrelated [...]


Everyone knows the most popular serial drama/comedy/thriller ever broadcasted. Let’s think back to times when TV shows were meant to be serious and smart entertainment. Thanks to David Lynch.