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Few things are as hard to describe as happiness, an emotion defined more by the objects and events that elicit it. Perdiz magazie tasks itself with collecting these highly rarified  moments with hopes of distilling and imparting happiness to its readers. Different components of the emotion–love, hopes, creativity, pleasure–form the content, and the candy-colored graphic design [...]


After a period of silence they are now torturing our eyes and ears again with their strident techno/rap/pop-noise and their particular sense for ugliness. An appearance, that evokes the interest of those of the same kind, being turned down: their former admirer and now antagonist Lady Gaga takes the answer easy – at least from [...]


Indie animation mainstay since “My First Crush,” (2007), her plaintive ode to infatuation, Julia Potts has in the last seven years only grown as an artist. Her most recent offering, “The Event,”  places her wry melancholy and signature animal-like creatures into landscapes that merge live-action images of Montauk and hand-drawn animation.  The digitalized special effects [...]


Dear Friends,
‘It is enough to say that Ricardo Bofill is one of Europe’s most famous and prolific architects of the last century. To add any more is to inevitably leave out too much.’ With these words we begin the journey of our new issue mono.kultur #36 into the mind and work of [...]

Are We Having Fun?

Berlin’s annual Gallery Weekend is coming up, and this year Pointer Footwear and Lodown Magazine joined forces to revive an old institution, one that’s located right next to an even older institution that’s about to die after 121 years in business: good ol’ 95 Gallery – this is what it looked like back [...]


You have to hand it to them: Fantastic Man’s editorial choices are always a treat. Boom Boom Boris on the cover? No German title with any self-respect would have dared to… Yes indeed.

The Bar Market Berlin

Now that food and drink have officially replaced Techno, Berghain and such, have some Bacon and wake up to the new Berlin in the form of The Bar Market (which will also be a 4-day restaurant; see flyer below + more info at with its 6 bars in one place at Cuvrystrasse, opening again [...]


Bored with the usual cinema fare?  Look no further.  L’Enfant (or I suppose now l’adolescent or l’adulte depending on your feelings towards said provocateur) terrible Matthew Barney returns to the cinema fray with his operatic River of Fundament, a collaboration between him, several powerhouse thespians, Gaspard Noé, Jonathan Bepler, and…Norman Mailer?!  Premiered at the Brooklyn Academy [...]

Götzengeschwätz & Baggerspionage

“Herbstlaubtrittvergnügen” indeed: This guy Ben Schott certainly knows his German Compound Words…

Young Fathers’ Newest Baby

Guess you didn’t hear about it because you were busy eating at Kreuzberg’s Salumeria Lamuri or digging Burnquist or blasting some Krule, but Anticon’s Young Fathers have dropped two mind-blowing “tapes”, as they like to call them, over the last few months – perhaps the best rap/non-rap music from Scotland ever?! -, and just [...]