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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Wave Field Weekend

Don’t forget it’s transmediale time, at least catch some CTM highlights like Robert Henke’s wave field experiment or slightly more catchy Pantha du Prince & the Bell Laboratory (tickets might be tricky, but there’s more to come). That’s a thursday night to prepare for saturday.


Tanya Leighton presents Object Lessons by East London artist-filmmaker John Smith – his third solo show at the gallery.
His work can also be seen at transmediale 2013 – the Berlin-based art, culture and technology festival – with screenings today, January 30 and on February 2, 2013.
For Object Lessons at Tanya Leighton, Smith will present three [...]



Found via FFFFOUND!


Poetry magazine has independently published texts and poems by emerging and established English-speaking poets and writers for one hundred years now. The centennial is celebrated with what has to be a unique collection; one hundred selected poems, one for every passed year.


Parallel Lines, Keremeos BC, 2011
My favorite photo projects are those that exist in the photographer’s unconscious, only making themselves known in flashes of inspired connection-making. I hope that Scott Conarroe’s Anonymous Earthworks is just that – a project that came together only after the photos had been taken, in the darkroom as he looked and [...]


I don’t really know much about Richard Hawley, I’ll have to admit, but I do love the video for his latest track Don’t Stare at the Sun, very literally interpreted by George Belfield, and aren’t the simplest ideas usually the most effective?

It’s Complicated

I have the hardest time going to sleep after looking at Asger Carlsen’s work. It makes me cringe like that Rubber Johnny DVD/book thing I’m trying to hide from my kids. It makes me touch myself (my knees, my wrists, my neck), just to check if I’m still alright, physically. It makes it impossible for [...]


Some people have all the luck: MMK Frankfurt is opening a new exhibition by our first cover star Carsten Nicolai, tonight.
Carsten Nicolai: Unidisplay
25 January – 05 May 2013

MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst
Domstraße 10
60311 Frankfurt am Main


Yoshitoshi, Ariwara no Yukihira and the two brinewomen, Murasame and Matsukaze, 1886

Matsukaze is an opera by Toshio Hosokawa, directed and choreographed by Sasha Waltz. Originally it was a Japanese Noh play about two sisters, Matsukaze and Murasama (Wind in the Pines and Autumn Rain), being in love with the same man. After their death [...]