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Happy anniversary to ECM records for an astounding 50 years of exploring and recording new music. The legendary label from Munich which redefined jazz and contemporary classic music with milestone records by the likes of Keith Jarrett or Arvo Pärt feels as age- and timeless as ever, so 50 somehow comes as a surprise – [...]

First Music Video

This is probably the first music video ever. Before youtube. Before MTV. Before color, too: Len Lye’s 1958 ‘Free Radicals’


The extremes in which capitalism tries to arouse desire overflow in Taobao, the Chinese online shopping giant. Images that suspiciously resemble post-internet art litter its pages, but their surreality is common to many advertisements throughout history (if more exaggerated). One wonders how much is lost in translation, how much are disgruntled young creatives finding outlets [...]


Reminiscent of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, David Bowie is genderless and belongs to a time that is beyond our perception… A sad day, indeed. Rest in Stars!


Trick or treat?  Better be a shaman for this year’s Halloween party as it is a pagan tradition. Well, say, checking the last runway show of Rick Owens might help as well!

Coast To Coast

For those w/ a soft spot for urethane wheels, super 8 aesthetics, and this earlier post (or rather this one), come by next week:
Partly inspired by Liverpool-based Useless Wooden Toys Society – a small club that meets regularly “to watch old skate videos on VHS, drink beers and maybe go for a roll“ –, the [...]

Classical Connections

Unfortunately, Chilly Gonzales, very much “a man of his time,” doesn’t usually work as a radio host – his voice is so perfect for that! -, but for once, he did connect the dots between classical and pop for the BBC, and you can listen to his amazing round-up only until mid-September 2015 [...]


Oh KIOSK, your Melamine Stuff for Summer 2015 (pictured above) and story telling is so fun and lovely!
“It’s Marco’s favorite, the one that originally got away, returned and on the rebound.  Back again by popular demand even though I’m not even certain how it arrived.  This vintage melamine keeps popping up like the beautiful invasive plant you [...]


The extravagant pervert, legendary director John Waters has precious advices, indeed, such as: ‘If you go home with someone, and they don’t have any books, don’t fuck them.’ In an old interview dating back to February, 13 2014, when his exhibition at Sprüth Magers Berlin was going on, Waters talked about ‘finding friends, beating the [...]

This Sunday: Cheer On Mono

See that logo six seconds into the clip (also see above)? Yap, mono’s riding again…

For the fifth consecutive year our favorite cycling crew Team #TORtOUR will be taking part in the infamous Berlin Velothon. Join the team on Sunday from 10:00AM @no74_berlin to cheer for all the riders taking part in this year’s race! #adidas [...]