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Oh KIOSK, your Melamine Stuff for Summer 2015 (pictured above) and story telling is so fun and lovely!

“It’s Marco’s favorite, the one that originally got away, returned and on the rebound.  Back again by popular demand even though I’m not even certain how it arrived.  This vintage melamine keeps popping up like the beautiful invasive plant you thought you had eradicated or the mushroom you believe you had picked the last.  You want it to be over so you can savor the last drop but still, you’re glad when it returns.  Down, down old dog, I can’t cuddle you now!  A pleasant repeat performance.  Like the dessert you thought was finished but you find more of in the fridge at the finale.  Surprise!  Delicious stuff.  Eat, eat on it, eat from it. Drink and be merry for tomorrow my friend there may not be more. And the nebulous cloud said, Aye, Aye!”