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Read by Famous sell books that were owned and read by people who have achieved high levels of recognition in their particular fields. Not copies of titles they have read, but the actual books that these people owned and read. The proceeds from the sales benefit the book and literacy focused non-profits, Room to Read, Literacy for Incarcerated [...]


‘What happened after New Orleance?’
The bootylicious points out the aftermath of Katrina disaster and the long history of slavery.


Grammys are coming up, so a homage to Björk’s nominated Vulnicura. This is the quintessential Björk fantasy drawn in mythical aesthetic. Use your mouse or WASD to rotate the 360 degree video.

Aladdin Sane

‘…putting out there the possibility of looking different!’
Tilda Swinton on the influence of David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane.


Reminiscent of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, David Bowie is genderless and belongs to a time that is beyond our perception… A sad day, indeed. Rest in Stars!


Did you know that Florence Welch is influenced a lot by legendary painter Frida Kahlo and even has a section dedicated to the artist?


Some may argue Berghain’s street cred has plummeted since the Claire Danes’s interview, but perhaps that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Enter Birdhain, a clubhouse for birds. Malte Jensen’s design mimics its namesake down to the neon lights that glow through the windows at night.


Remember when Banksy was actually a guerrilla street artist? Last week the artist debuted his “bemusement park” Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare, England. And no, it’s not a ripoff of Paul McCarthy’s WS show. The park features collaborations with 58 artists including Damien Hirst and Jimmy Cauty, and sets with Banksy’s trademark satire. Cinderella’s carriage crash sprawls [...]


Albert Maysles, Iris Apfel, 2015 via Maysles films
Legendary Iris says: ‘They say they want to be different and they all wear a uniform. I mean, in New York you can probably tell somebody’s zip code by what they are wearing…Technology is a wonderful thing but I think it’s violently misused. I mean, I [...]

Dark Austrian Heat

The Austrian Heat has returned: As that heatwave is about to make us feel all sizzurp’d and lean as hell, we’re still shaking our heads over Moneyboy’s unlikely, purple colored, codeine-fueled rise to fame – what’s more: if anyone ever asks you for a Lubitz, now you (kind of) know – but luckily, we don’t [...]