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Pimp Someone’s Ride

Whatever happened to suburban car tuning?, wondered Max Siedentopf. To help people figure out their individual car style, Siedentopf pimped cars overnight adding cardboard modifications. In an interview with the Telegraph he stressed his concern that the potential of self-expression is often neglected in cars.


Photos: Evey Kwong
Plastic wrapped bodies in bizarre and quirky residency areas, chopped off penises or exploded faces are not only in the episodes of Twin Peaks. Luscious moments followed by madness may cause a body to be chopped into pieces.
‘Conditioned from birth as to what we are supposed to feel, and how to act accordingly, [...]


Mark Leckey, Circa 87, 2014 (Courtesy: Galerie Buchholz)
Although his oeuvre spans little more than 15 years, British artist Mark Leckey (born in 1964) is already considered a reference for a young generation of artists. After his studies he withdrew from the art world for nearly a decade. In 1999, with the video Fiorucci Made Me [...]

discoverness, freedoming, sharehood

Pulling off yet another genius move, Father John Misty just announced his very own (and crap-sounding) SAP – Streamline Audio Protocol: “I am pleased to introduce SAP, a new signal-to-audio process by which popular albums are “sapped” of their performances, original vocal, atmosphere and other distracting affectations so the consumer can decide quickly and efficiently [...]


Over at It’s Nice That, they compiled a nice series of caricatures responding to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris – vicious as ever, and long live political satire. See more here.


Excuse the terrible pun, but the works of the Haas Brothers demands irreverence, even the corny sort. Since officially opening in 2012, Nikolai and Simon Haas have produced a bizarre body of work that teeters between Louise Bourgeouis-Dr. Seussian surreality and everyday utility. Invoking a naive sensuality unbothered by the sexual and taboo, their work appears [...]


Taken from the Autumn/Winter issue of Dazed & Confused:
If Sigmund Freud were to pen his 1919 essay The Uncanny today there’s a good chance that Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s cult magazine Toilet Paper would appear as an example of something that is simultaneously familiar yet alien. Strange and ambiguous to its core, it bends normality in [...]

Slavoj Žižek Reacts to The Internet

Colorful reference to maniac marxist and protagonist of projects such as The Reality of the Virtual, Slavoj Žižek.
There are four episodes, including all time favorites like “Dave after Dentist“.


I’m deeply suspicious of COS, the H&M brainchild aimed at a slightly older and more sophisticated target group, but one has to hand it to them that they do know how to pick their collaborators: hiring the team behind Fantastic Man for their annoyingly tasty in-house magazine, Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers also [...]

Oneliners before Online

Getting ready for winter. Thanks Steven Wright. Some quotes to quote.