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Things we should think about for the next coming months and years via “Revolutionary Letters #14″ by Diane Di Prima.


The eighth Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) is a compelling weekend of challenging, inspirational and robust discussion with powerful speakers from around the world. The Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) is back with dangerous ideas and speakers from around the world. In FODI land, you will be able to explore a dark and dangerous landscape [...]


After decades of implied politics within his work, Wolfgang Tillmans has taken a refreshing and more outspoken position that addresses political issues head on: first turning his gallery space Between Bridges in Berlin into a temporary ‘meeting place’ to discuss the refugee crisis: ‘From this month Between Bridges wants to be a forum, however small; [...]


DRAWING THE LINE – Dissenting voices in contemporary comics
Exhibition with:
Rebecca Rosen | Akvile Magicdust | Paula Bulling | Radical Jetset | Marlene Krause | Tine Fetz | Max Baitinger | Barrack Rima
Opening: 9.4.2016, 7 pm
Dates: 9.–30.4.2016
neurotitan shop & gallery
c/o Schwarzenberg e. V., Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 Berlin
Open: Mon–Sat noon–8 pm
More information on the exhibition [...]


For Berliners, the story of the desctruction of the monumental GDR Palast der Republik in favour of rebuilding its predecessor of the Humboldt Schloss in all its architectural insignificance is a depressing example for city politics lagging miles behind the vibrancy of Berlin. But Berlin is also a city renowned for its stoic subversion, and [...]


In the world of unending terror, recently, photographer and video artist Leila Alaoui is killed…  The artist was commissioned to work on a series about women rights in Burkina Faso, where the evil attack took place. Her series The Maroccans depicts cultural diversity of Alaoui’s Morocco. Rest in Peace.


Last weekend, the New York Times Magazine, ever worth watching and recently in the hands of art director Matt Willey – who also designed our issue with Chris Ware – forayed into new territories of virtual reality. The issue came with Google’s cardboard VR viewer that you can slide your smartphone into to access a [...]


Across photography, installation, and social sculpture, Mathias Kessler probes the contemporary imagination, employing a visual language that borrows from the Romantic landscape genre and expedition photography, using empirical reason and the “sublime” as foils for an investigation that goes beyond the mere “natural” surface to explore the more complicated political and economic forces that have [...]


The German blockbuster-directer Roland Emmerich has just released a trailer for his new movie Stonewall, and it’s been already discussed controversially, particularly about its lack of authenticity. Just to quickly recap: The Stonewall Riots were a series of protests in 1969 against the police by the LGBT community in New York after a police raid in [...]


Marsha P. Johnson was a liberation activist. Despite Hollywood’s latest claims as in the film Stonewall(2015), the African American drag queen was the one who threw the first brick against the police in June, 1969. Literally, according to various sources, this trans woman of color ‘really started it’ − not a pretty clean white boy [...]