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In resistance to the current U.S. of A. figurehead’s ban on Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Libya and Yemen, UK producer Four Tet has added music from those very same nations to his Spotify playlist. Musician include Rahim Al-Haj (Iraq), Omar Souleyman (Syria), Martik (Iran), Naji Barakat (Yemen)–musicians who are now barred from entering and performing [...]


Already reputed “the grossest movie” to grease the silver screen, Steven Ellison aka Flying Lotus’s first film Kuso is extreme. Perhaps only the basest images can accompany such a starry soundtrack–the film features music by Flying Lotus as well as Aphex Twin and Akira Yamaoka. While descriptions of the synopsis does repel, body horror and [...]


“I want a president,” by activist and artist Zoe Leonard, recited by Myyki Blanco. As relevant now as in 1992.


Our pick for today is, an enfant terrible of art sites. When just 3-years old, the website was launched into infamy for their 2013 satirical primers Homosexuality for Kids: A Textbook With Pictures and Lesbianism for Kids: A Textbook With Pictures, which prompted Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare to [...]


One of the most exciting components of the current Dreamlands show at the Whitney Museum is Terence Broad’s autoencoding of the film Blade Runner. An extension of Broad’s autoencoding works in which a computer watching reconstructs through what roughly amounts to artificial memory, his Blade Runner version is a particularly potent expression of the [...]


One of the finer cinematic offerings you may have overlooked this past year is Anna Biller’s lavish third wave production Love Witch (2016). Building on the retro camp meticulously constructed in 2007’s ambitious Viva, Love Witch follows the witch Elaine as she pursues love through sorcery and leaves a trail of her romantic victims. [...]


pilot press is a D.I.Y feminist publishing house founded in 2010 by Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden as a week-long experimental installation. Since then pilot has released around 40 volumes of feminist writing  and creative works. While based in Brooklyn, the journal embodies an egalitarian, all-inclusive approach to publishing and accepts, prints, and binds all submissions regardless [...]


For your consideration, Cabinet Books’ Notes on Glaze: 18 Photographic Investigations by poet and critic Wayne Koestenbaum.
Notes on Glaze collects Koestebaum’s “Legends” columns for Cabinet. From 2010-2015, he wrote captions for photographs selected by the magazine’s editors, provided he was not acquainted with the image beforehand.
What results resembles a sophisticated Pictionary, in which the caption [...]


Whether a Berghain purist or not, none is unscathed from the disappointment and subsequent bafflement at the club’s door policy. For equal frustration without the queue, take this simulation, created by Fabian Burghardt and Vinzenz Aubry. With a mix of questions and facial expression analysis technology, “Sven,” your Berghain trainer, will judge whether you are worthy, or [...]


Teaser_The_Park_Randa_Maroufi from Randa Maroufi on Vimeo.
Bottles, bare torso, a mosaic on a pair of eyes. Moroccan filmmaker Randa Maroufi’s The Park imagines the antics of local youths as reconstructed from Facebook images. The film seems to question the agency of the physical body in the age of digital information and challenges the viewer’s curiosity–or complacence–when [...]