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As the creative world becomes increasingly reflexive about its underlying capitalistic matrix, it’s difficult for any of its participants to separate human value from market worth. In anticipation of this years Frieze Fair New York, a note of resistance from one of its last years 2015 speakers Grace Dunham. The speech dissects the social hypocrisies [...]


As a part of Tanznacht 2016, dancer/choreographer Jared Gradinger has been creating a community/public garden in Uferstudios Berlin. Artists, neighbours, newcomers (refugees) and ‘you’ are invited to turn concrete into ‘The Impossible Forest’, where we can all gather for tea, wine and long conversations. Please visit the link for more information.
‘The garden is a [...]


Throwback, extant. Originally published in Emigre #65, Rob Giampietro and Rudy VanderLans’s conversation on the Default Systems Design aesthetic and the search for the standard.


Gnashing teeth, bloody fists–Philadelphia artist Christopher Capriotti implodes the white cube with startling intensity. His  title (2016) is a searing take at the socioeconomic power divisions and uncomfortable complicity of all parties that underlie spectacle. Barely separated from the complacent gallery throng, the ring represents a violent almost utopian authenticity, with fighters of both genders [...]


What does music from Hell sound like? No mortal transcription may exist except for a tiny patch of canvas butt in Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights. And of course, Tumblr would be the one to play it. Listen to it here, or for a choral arrangement, here.


You think you would know them, but do you? Celebrity face blends by gesichtermix tests us with the most important information that will leave you in twists of existential frustration. Because in the end, do the faces really matter apart from their recognizability?
I can see this becoming a game show in the future, #BlackMirror.


Half-Waif ’s music has an ethereality that feels the good kind of religious. The free expansiveness of her music belie an exquisite compositional technique that create a variegated almost architectural soundscapes for the careful listener. For fans of Austra.


Peaches – Rub (Uncensored) from Peaches on Vimeo.
In Taschen’s Erotica Universalis, there are several depictions of erotic peeing, called Urolagnia. People with joyful faces, pee on their partners – women or men… Several artists have been using ‘peeing’ in a political manner. One of them is the legendary Peaches. Things go queerly wild in [...]


From bio art to experimental music SPEKTRUM is covering a range of different ideas. On Friday November 6th, the space will be hosting musician, sound artist Ame Zek and composer, musician Brendan Dougherty. Dougherty, who has been collaborating with influential names in Berlin contemporarty dance scene such as Meg Stuart, will perform a solo from [...]


Trick or treat?  Better be a shaman for this year’s Halloween party as it is a pagan tradition. Well, say, checking the last runway show of Rick Owens might help as well!