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Peaches – Rub (Uncensored) from Peaches on Vimeo.

In Taschen’s Erotica Universalis, there are several depictions of erotic peeing, called Urolagnia. People with joyful faces, pee on their partners – women or men… Several artists have been using ‘peeing’ in a political manner. One of them is the legendary Peaches. Things go queerly wild in her new video. Shamanic ritauals blend with 21st Century notions: rubbing, lovely gender-queer scenes with beautiful beings and urination take control.

Choreographer Keith Hennesy’s piece Turbulence addresses the issue as well. In his lecture performance at HZT Berlin in November 2014, the choreographer explained the use of piss in his work:

‘I pushed the dancers to treat the big gold sequined fabric with more respect because it was expensive, the most money I’d ever spent on an object for performance (around $700). So immediately someone proposed that it be pissed on… and since that day, piss has leaked into almost every performance. After trying pissing in buckets, pissing on people, and pissing on the gold fabric, we decided that pissing in one’s clothes was best…. We though about pissing in fear, the humiliation and infantilization of pissing in one’s clothes, pissing in queer and SM sex and power play, golden showers, the metaphor of taking the piss (making fun of)… and then of piss as astringent, antibiotic, and even healing. We re-read Shock Doctrine and found a description of pissing oneself after electroshock therapy. It seemed that piss was a ready-made poem evoking paralysis, torture, value, domination, intimacy, and healing.’