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At this point, just before we go to print with our new issue, we should hold our breath for a minute and consider our loyal and long-term printers at Druckerei Bunter Hund in Berlin (‘Bunter Hund’ being a common German expression translating to ‘coloured dog’, named after their infamously greyish dog). Bunter Hund printed 41 [...]


Few things are as hard to describe as happiness, an emotion defined more by the objects and events that elicit it. Perdiz magazie tasks itself with collecting these highly rarified  moments with hopes of distilling and imparting happiness to its readers. Different components of the emotion–love, hopes, creativity, pleasure–form the content, and the candy-colored graphic design [...]


mono.kultur’s neighbours on the shelves of trusted bookdealers worldwide can be a little predictable sometimes – not that we don’t appreciate our fellow magazine makers, but we’ve come to know each other rather well over the years. So we’re pleased to meet some unexpected titles on the shelves of Zabriskie, a rather wonderful little bookstore [...]


Says Bukowski:
(…) it needn’t be much, just a spark.
a spark can set a whole forest [...]


Oh yes, the new data-enhanced Rapha Pro collection looks like a crooked mono.kultur logo in motion. And in case you don’t care about riding, you can also sit, of course. Or take the train, tonight.

One Night In Berlin

Just in case you’re feeling that Berlin winter blues already: go out at night, and go underground.

The Secret Lives of Mr. Smith and Ms. Tapner

Before you’re heading off tonight, two things, two secrets: Mr. Stan Smith stole a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge banks (for a reason), and Ms. Rosie Tapner ain’t no up-and-coming model, but a runner and rider and racer and drinker of copious cups of tea. Now you know.


If you are out and about in Lower Saxony this weekend, don’t miss Hella Gerlach’s performative intervention Move and Scale (cancelset) at the Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum in Hildesheim! Within the framework of a series of events called ‘Von den Dingen’ (About the Things) organised by the Kunstverein Hildesheim, Gerlach will engage with the ancient Egyptian [...]


Astonishing yoga asanas paired with cosmic aesthetics and high couture. For the video series ‘More than a Model’ by i-D Magazine, the model Lily McZenamy shows off her skills of stretching and flexing, from the upside-down Urdhva Dhanurasana to the sideways Utthita Parsvakonasana. The video is produced by Ill-Studio, multidisciplinary platform for art-direction, graphic design [...]


This is the kind of bike that you’ll need three chain locks for, or at least in Berlin you will: in September, Strasbourg-based design studio BSG will launch production of their Wood.b, a new bicycle made partly out of wood. Looking impeccably stylish, it’s also the kind of bike that will make people’s heads turn [...]