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At this point, just before we go to print with our new issue, we should hold our breath for a minute and consider our loyal and long-term printers at Druckerei Bunter Hund in Berlin (‘Bunter Hund’ being a common German expression translating to ‘coloured dog’, named after their infamously greyish dog). Bunter Hund printed 41 issues of mono.kultur over the last 12 years, and they were not afraid to take on any ludicrous idea we would come up with where other printers would just hang up on us – scented pages? printing in 3 Pantone colours? That’s the moment Roland Paulick and his team would roll up their sleeves and take a seat to figure out how we could actually do this at halfway reasonable cost. Sadly, after 24 years in business, Bunter Hund had to stop their printing press, as competition from Eastern Europe and online printers has become too fierce. So we say thank you for the music and goodbye, you will be missed.