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Oh yes, the new data-enhanced Rapha Pro collection looks like a crooked mono.kultur logo in motion. And in case you don’t care about riding, you can also sit, of course. Or take the train, tonight.

One Night In Berlin

Just in case you’re feeling that Berlin winter blues already: go out at night, and go underground.


Aphex Twin’s unreleased album ‘Caustic Window‘ can be now fully streamed on Youtube! The album had reached the test pressing phase in 1994, but was aborted as a full release. True Aphex Twin passionates can still get their hands on the original, which can be purchased on ebay (the current bid is $10,750!).


The films of Peter Tscherkassky (1958-) hearken back to golden period of experimental cinema.  Despite the capabilities of today’s film editing software, they engender not the uneasy multiple exposures, the interruptions of sprocket holes, and eruptions of grinding sounds populating Tscherkassky’s films.  Since his introduction to the everyman’s Super 8 in 1979, his works, frenetic [...]

How You Sound

If you’re not interested in skateboarding, go read some Bill Murray (no joke) – but if you are, even remotely, don’t watch (okay, do watch), but more importantly: LISTEN to this.


There is always this moment of expectation when the subway train arrives at the station – beautifully captured by Adam Magyar from the other side, slowing down the footage of passengers on the platform to almost standstill and what’s more, to startling effect.


It’s one of the interesting details about Brian Eno that even though he works mostly in the shadows, most people will be much more familiar with his work than they realise – having an album by U2 or Coldplay on their iPod, or almost by default if they used a PC in the 90s, since [...]


As rematch of the book swop between our friends at Motto and Kesselskramer, the hipster London agency with attached art publishing venture will present their latest issue of their magazine Useful Photography tonight in Kreuzberg. The name already says it all: photography with no artistic but as a practical tool to enhance everyday life, which [...]


William Forsythe, whose work we’ve mentioned before, is now featuring the installation White Bouncy Castle at the Berliner Festspiele / Foreign Affairs. White Bouncy Castle is part of his Choreographic Objects and ‘an examination of choreography in everyday life’. The best thing is you really get to bounce in it.
William Forsythe: White Bouncy Castle
Lokhalle Schöneberg [...]


“I always thought that it deserved better than lousy sports journalism; I thought it deserved to be sung about.” It’s Sunday, and hell is around the corner (it hit us northern hemisphere people yesterday, ready to take over the next couple of months), so do yourself a favor and support some goodness (it’s still possible, [...]