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This weekend more than 50 national and international designers, artists, and illustrators will present their creations at the 5th edition of the Berlin Graphic Days, taking place at Urban Spree in Berlin. A great chance to not only see, but also buy unique pieces of art, screen printing posters, T-shirts, books, paintings and a lot [...]


Probably every self-respecting designer started taking pictures of street typography at some point in their careers (or student days, rather), thinking what an amazing archive this was going to be one day, until the interest started waning and… well, that’s what the Internet and sites like NYC Type are here for, to do the collecting [...]

Wandering Around

If there’s one thing special about this town is that no matter how much you think you already know and you’ve seen, there’s always a well kept secret, a place you never heard about (or haven’t noticed before). The Buchstaben Museum is a place of the sorts. An amazing place I spotted a couple of [...]


MISS READ, Berlin’s independent publishing fair, is in town again for the fourth time – this year hosted by abc. MISS READ has invited international publishers and artists to show their artist books at the abc premises. Presenting a selection of about 50 of the most active contributors in this field – including mono.kultur, of [...]


Pixadores are members of the Pixação movement in São Paulo. It’s a huge number of people from the lower class who use street art to express their political wishes through a language of tagging that they developed.
The photograph presents pixação tags, which are spread all over São Paulo, from public squares to rooftops and balconies of the [...]



Being Erik Spiekermann

An older interview with type designer Erik Spiekermann.


Mota Italic is a new gallery, opening this month in Berlin, dedicated to showcase typography, letters and type in relation to both art and design projects. Opening with the exhibition ‘CAPITAL: Berliner Buchstaben’, and with many others following, Mota Italic intends to support Berlin’s type scene and spread the interest in typography among a wider [...]


For those of us fascinated about type, type design and typography masters, a new book just came out. I’ve had it in my hands once, few months ago, and couldn’t help but feel impatient for having to wait for it to be in shops! At the moment you can get it from Typotheque, as a print [...]

After the Commodore 64, is NeXT next?

Now that the Commodore 64 has been revived, isn’t it time for the NeXT Computer to make a comeback?
NeXT was the computer system that Steve Jobs created during his years in exile from Apple in the late 1980s. Not only was the NeXT console stylistically beautiful, its processing system was also way ahead of its [...]