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Monthly Archives: January 2011


There’s a fascinating documentary about the history of the Berlin wall – from the perspective of the rabbit population located between East and West. If you live in Germany you can watch the whole film here: Mauerhase
Alternatively watch it in parts on youtube.


Many Queenslanders and Victorians in Australia have been ‘up shit creek‘ quite literally ie ‘in dire circumstances’ with the recent widespread flooding. You can help and get a cool tea towel in the mix! Our friends at Third Drawer Down are donating half of the proceeds from their sales of Jon Campbell’s Up Shit Creek tea [...]

A Key Player

Mathematical-minded musings & more – an interview with Vijay Iyer.

Room with a view

There is a job vacancy at the frieze Berlin office and as we share a liking to each other,
we thought we could post the link and encourage you to consider this opportunity if
you would want to send along your most current texts & application – good luck!


Ah, record covers… don’t you miss them in times of torrents and iTunes? There should be entire sites dedicated to preserving the fine art of record sleeve design, and in fact there are: Project Thirty-Three is a great blog by Seattle-based record store Jive Time dedicated entirely to, as they put it, ‘circles and dots [...]


Not long ago I met Patrícia and Roberto, a couple of musicians originally from Portugal who have been living and playing in Berlin with their band Lavoisier. Since then I haven’t missed a concert.
I can’t really say what it is that’s so special about them, but it seems to touch everyone I’ve been inviting for [...]


In a rare performance in between releases, German indie-pop wonder The Notwist will revisit their classic Neon Golden album as part of their label City Slang’s 20th anniversary, tomorrow evening in Berlin. Temporarily sold out, there is now a handful of tickets available again, and anyone who has ever seen them live will confirm: they’re [...]


Ever wanted to get into art collecting but didn’t know where to start? Wanted to pick up a Warhol for the living room but couldn’t find one in the local gallery? The presently-running VIP Art Fair might be just what you’ve been waiting for. VIP in this case stands for ‘viewing in private’. It’s the [...]

lie to me

I recently spoke with an artist living and working in Tehran. He gave an account of his work that was complex, sophisticated and plagued with inconsistency. I realised that it was a fiction – a parallel universe manufactured to shield his work from the scrutiny of the authoritarian government. He was confident that the ponderous [...]


I only found out about the New Left Media last evening but I must, say since then I can’t stop but thinking about doing 5 minute breaks to go back to their page and check for more of their videos.
Super interesting interviews covering American politics, produced by a group of (apparently really young) students. [...]