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Not long ago I met Patrícia and Roberto, a couple of musicians originally from Portugal who have been living and playing in Berlin with their band Lavoisier. Since then I haven’t missed a concert.
I can’t really say what it is that’s so special about them, but it seems to touch everyone I’ve been inviting for their concerts equally. I believe it is not only the songs and music they play, nor only Patrícia’s voice (though it fills every music with a vigorous energy that makes you creep all the time), Roberto’s pureness while playing and chatting with the public, nor the cozy spaces and ambience that always seems to surround them. There’s something else.

They present themselves through their myspace page, where you can find a small selection of their songs (though this selection doesn’t do them complete justice!) and a short text which gives some additional background to the project, its roots and influences.
And maybe it has to do exactly with the strange and foreign words they drop there; about the ‘Tropicalismo’ and ‘Antropofagia’. Maybe it is this spirit they drink from and its conceptions (that represented the Brazilian modernist movement in the 1960’s – Tropicalismo – headed by Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil).
If you want to know more about ‘antropofagia’ while listening to a great relaxing concert to start your night with, meet them this Saturday, the 29th January at Wowsville Bar in Kreuzberg, 9 p.m.

29th January, Saturday

Wowsville Bar
Ohlauerstrs. 33
10999 Kreuzberg, Berlin