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First Music Video

This is probably the first music video ever. Before youtube. Before MTV. Before color, too: Len Lye’s 1958 ‘Free Radicals’


Our alltime favourite band Radiohead is about to release a new album which you can digitally enjoy here and here or live on their upcoming world tour there and there or pre-warming yourself by a fire while watching this and listen that (even upside down if you like).

Throwback Sunday: Baby Kraftwerk 1970

Today, Kraftwerk’s stage performance may bring to mind retro-SciFi shows and commercial pop perfection, however this debut on German TV captures the experimental starting point of Germany’s most established synth pioneers. With sounds somewhere between the omnipresent E57-Sirens and Steve Reich the audience clearly struggles in confrontation with the new. Apparently, so does the DOP, [...]


Omnipresent Kim Gordon appears in Peaches latest video for Close-Up, where she takes the role of a wrestling instructor. It is kind of odd, but also very funny to watch!

The new track “Close Up” feat. Kim Gordon will appear on Peaches upcoming album Rub, which will be released via I U She Music on September 25.

Monologue of a predator drone

We have seen consumer drones used for choreographical endeavors and music contextualization from above. Frensh philosopher Grégoire Chamayou inquires in the less creative but more destructive use of military predator drones.
Essentially, by combining modern weaponry in unmanned vehicles with remote video monitoring, military forces have found a way to project power which is entirely risk-free for [...]


Mark Leckey, Circa 87, 2014 (Courtesy: Galerie Buchholz)
Although his oeuvre spans little more than 15 years, British artist Mark Leckey (born in 1964) is already considered a reference for a young generation of artists. After his studies he withdrew from the art world for nearly a decade. In 1999, with the video Fiorucci Made Me [...]


From today on until February 15, 2015, KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin presents the video installation NOW EAT MY SCRIPT (2014) by Mounira Al Solh.
In the work the artist engages with the moment where fragments of history and biography meet. She takes the transit of a sacrificed lamb in the trunk of her [...]

The dancing ants song

Choreography friendly OK Go are pressing for a new benchmark in the self established genre of gadget fueled music videos. The band synchs on segway-type seats to form what could be Latvian folklore dances, filmed by omniscient camera drones, zooming out to kaleidoscope views of people as picture elements. Look at those cute little digital ants.
Not [...]


Kindness, the solo project of British singer Adam Brainbridge, announced his second album Otherness and shared a new song called This Is Not About Us. Besides that it is a cool 80’s-throwback track, the video is dominated by the simple style and the absolutely brilliant choreography that is performed by Brainbridge and the second person [...]


While I’m sure almost all of you have heard of Shirin Neshat, a tribute. Best known for the photographic series Women of Allah, two-screen video works, and the film Women Without Men (2009), her work addresses the female experience and sexual politics in Islamic societies.  As in Turbulence (1998) here, Neshat’s use of lush chiaroscuro seeks to [...]