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Monologue of a predator drone

We have seen consumer drones used for choreographical endeavors and music contextualization from above. Frensh philosopher Grégoire Chamayou inquires in the less creative but more destructive use of military predator drones.

Essentially, by combining modern weaponry in unmanned vehicles with remote video monitoring, military forces have found a way to project power which is entirely risk-free for the attacking combatants. In a more cultural perspective the panoptic surveillance of this technology could be understood as a strategy to repress the anxiety inflicted by terror warfare.

Inside the drone human targets are converted to enemy pixels. In the prelude of his latest book “Drone Theory” Chamayou protocols the monologue of a predator drone in operation:

00:45 GMT (05:15 in Afghanistan)

PILOT: Is that a [expletive] rifle?
SENSOR OPERATOR: Maybe just a warm spot from where he was sitting. Can’t really tell right now, but it does look like an object.
PILOT: I was hoping we could make a rifle out, never mind.


SENSOR OPERATOR: The truck would make a beautiful target. OK, that’s a Chevy Suburban.
PILOT: Yeah.


MISSION INTELLIGENCE COORDINATOR: Screener said at least one child near SUV.
SENSOR OPERATOR: Bull [expletive] … where?
SENSOR OPERATOR: Send me a [expletive] still, I don’t think they have kids out at this hour, I know they are shady but come on.

SENSOR OPERATOR: Well, maybe a teenager but I haven’t seen anything that short, granted they’re all grouped up here, but …
PILOT: Yeah, review that [expletive] …why didn’t he say possibl child, why are they so quick to call [expletive] kids but not to call a [expletive] rifle?
MISSION INTELLIGENCE COORDINATOR: Two children were at the rear of the SUV.