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Microsoft is turning 30 which, in human years, must translate into something like 120 or so. To celebrate the occasion, The Guardian examined Microsoft’s interface design of the past three decades, and gosh, how time passes.


Last weekend, the New York Times Magazine, ever worth watching and recently in the hands of art director Matt Willey – who also designed our issue with Chris Ware – forayed into new territories of virtual reality. The issue came with Google’s cardboard VR viewer that you can slide your smartphone into to access a [...]


Our relentless obsession with connecting to the world in real time is maybe nowhere better captured than in Studio Moniker’s Twitter clock All the Minutes – essentially retweeting posts at the exact same time of the day. Another point in case that we usually have little more to say than banalities, but we do it [...]


We’ve had a great experience with Kickstarter a few years ago helping us fund our book with Robert Montgomery – anyone thinking about crowdfunding something similar should really head down to Acud this evening, where Victoria Rogers from Kickstarter New York will give an introduction to Kickstarter and some serious advice on how to use [...]


History in a Time of Hypercirculation
Public event by Spike Art Quarterly in their new editorial offices and exhibition space in Berlin
Monday, December 1, 2014, 7 pm
Round-table discussion with DIS, curatorial team of the 9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art; art historian Susanne von Falkenhausen; and artist Hito Steyerl, moderated by Spike editor Kolja Reichert:
Where does the impression [...]


FKA twigs. Ever since the release of her LP1, she’s been the proverbial girl of the moment. Much as Gaga embodied the flamboyent sexual decadence of the late 2000s, twigs channels a youth current, one steeped in a digital atavism, a subculture revealed as transhumanism.
“#throughlookglass” is perfect match between artist and subject. FKA tweaks GoogleGlass’ promise of [...]

Lago Di Efterklango

Danish band Efterklang is back — with a web radio station called “The Lake”: “The Lake runs 24 hours daily and aims to be the anti-thesis of commercial radio. Its function is to serve as a platform for experimental and inspiring music, sounds and radio art, without playlists, boundaries or limitations. The carefully curated library [...]


When Brazil was talking about vengeance for the Maracanaço, when Brazil lost the world cup final against Uruguay in 1950 in Rio de Janeiro, little did they (or anyone else, for that matter) know that the curse would only be replaced by the ‘massacre of Belo Horizonte’. Oh dear. We’re really sorry guys… We do [...]


It must be funny, as in a little weird, as a collector to be owning a web site, but maybe that is just old-fashioned me. It’s working well for artist Rafaël Rozendaal, however, who has recently completed his 100th web site, which, in his case, is akin to finishing your 100th oil painting. The good [...]

Blowing sound horns

Digital pioneer, musician and critic Jaron Lanier wins the annual Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. One Year after Snowden and 7000 years after the first computer I recommend listening to him blowing his sound horns.
A more comprehensive post including a video.