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Plant Planet is a two-hour zero-waste workshop created to discover what is inside every fruit and vegetable in your imagination. The workshop starts with art and design appreciation, followed by a guided creative meditation, fruit and vegetable carving technique demonstration, a mystery box challenge that unlocks your imagination, and finally, learn tricks to bring your [...]

One Night In Berlin

Just in case you’re feeling that Berlin winter blues already: go out at night, and go underground.


Architectural insanity from MVRDV, our cover stars of issue #18: the Rotterdam-based architecture firm recently completed their first building in their home town, a giant covered market hall with a variety of high-end food stalls and regional farmers, in the shape of two residential buildings leaning towards each other in a giant sweep and fusing [...]


yes, yes, you see it right. these beautiful erotic pictures, full of strong contrasts were shot by julia noni for fat magazine. she is german and she’s a woman – we like that!


The world cup in Brazil is in full swing (and we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t interested, with the games running in the background more often than not), with Germany in the spotlight once again tonight. In the meantime, our dear friend and photographer Christian Frey has teamed up with journalist Kai [...]


For those who have been keeping up, you might remember Tilda Swinton’s the 8½  Foundation, mentioned in her now sold out interview with mono.kultur. Named after the eponymous Fellini film, the Scotland-based foundation was inspired by the musings of  her then eight-and-a-half years old son and dedicates itself to gifting free benchmark films to children at [...]


Exactly one week ago opened Design is a State of Mind, the second ever design exhibition on the sacred grounds of London’s Serpentine Gallery, curated by our friend Martino Gamper, no less. Using shelving systems ranging from the 1930s to today by designers such as Ettore Sottsass and IKEA – nice touch – to display [...]


Bored with the usual cinema fare?  Look no further.  L’Enfant (or I suppose now l’adolescent or l’adulte depending on your feelings towards said provocateur) terrible Matthew Barney returns to the cinema fray with his operatic River of Fundament, a collaboration between him, several powerhouse thespians, Gaspard Noé, Jonathan Bepler, and…Norman Mailer?!  Premiered at the Brooklyn Academy [...]


While the craft of classical music courts notoriety for its mathematical complexity, its interpreters often express themselves in literary rambunctiousness and visual cues, relishing in matching timbres with colors, flourishing upon movements hippos and dancing flora a la Fantasia.  Floating above the soup of sentiments, Jorinde Voigt charts soundscapes according to an invented emotional notation, you [...]


Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art presents Play! Recapturing the Radical Imagination in hopes of raising questions of institutional boundaries and those of the mind in relation to art and creating under subtitles like Art & Crime and The Politics of Play. International artists and influential pioneers like Carolee Schneemann and Guerilla Girls will take part as well [...]