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Monthly Archives: February 2012


Working on the new lookbook for mono.gramm…


The first ever presentation and long-overdue rediscovery of Dodo’s graphic work provides a broad insight into an artistic life that was shaped by constant upheaval. Dodo, born in 1907 in Berlin as Dörte Clara Wolff, enjoyed a care-free upbringing in a wealthy Jewish milieu. Even as a young woman, she possessed an allure over those [...]


I saw Steve McQueen’s new film, Shame over the weekend. The performances by the lead actors, Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan are quite sensational. What I really liked about this movie too is its pace – it’s slow-moving in a mesmerizing way and it is set in the moment so you’re not given the back [...]


Hey hey, we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: Gonjasufi is back with his latest 10-mini-track EP MU.ZZ.LE, which is slightly more accessible and a little toned down in comparison to his debut album, which of course was our album of the year 2010, but hey, it’s still a whole lot better than nothing, [...]

A New Turn of the Screw

A new edition, a new chance to discover the “ur-text of postwar fiction” – and indeed it feels like the only book to (re-)read right now, given the kind of soundbites that are going to show up here over the next few weeks…


In Spring 2011, Paris-based photographer, Taylor Holland began taking pictures of European tour buses. An all in all colorful shell for couch trips!
The images were recently published in a book by Matmos.

All images by Taylor Holland

On top of things

Learn from Maddie – there are many ways to be on top of things.


There’s a BBC radio programme that existed for 70 years now. It’s called Desert Island Discs and each week a person of interest is invited to imagine what it would be like to be a castaway on a remote island. The guest of the show is asked to choose 8 music tracks which will be [...]


When I was a student at art school in London, Foyles bookstore used to be a regular spot to hit for research, general browsing or simply to escape afternoon rains. Somehow the many floors and corridors and shelves crammed with piles and piles of books always had and still has a soothing effect on me, [...]


Whoever travelled the balkan region with backpack and sleeping bag might very well have met the locals and encountered the people’s love for traditional songs. Making music and singing is still very common in this region and even the cool teenagers don’t find it embarrassing to sit outside with their families and singing along to [...]