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When I was a student at art school in London, Foyles bookstore used to be a regular spot to hit for research, general browsing or simply to escape afternoon rains. Somehow the many floors and corridors and shelves crammed with piles and piles of books always had and still has a soothing effect on me, and Foyles, after 109 years on Charing Cross Road, being one of the last major independent bookstores in London certainly helped to maintain this atmosphere of a love for books rather than money.

So it was a great pleasure when they approached us recently to ask if they could sell mono.kultur. It’s a fairly new development that Foyles offer magazines as well, but their impeccable selection certainly shows that they choose with a great amount of care and expertise. Funny to think that these days, some art student might discover mono.kultur while escaping from the rain – somehow a comforting thought.