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Dear Friends,
we’re not quite sure what happened with that last year, and if anybody has seen it, please let us know. In the meantime, we are proud to return from our involuntary hiatus with a splendid new issue – mono.kultur #40, no less – with the wonderful British ceramicist, artist and writer Edmund de Waal.
Edmund [...]


The extravagant pervert, legendary director John Waters has precious advices, indeed, such as: ‘If you go home with someone, and they don’t have any books, don’t fuck them.’ In an old interview dating back to February, 13 2014, when his exhibition at Sprüth Magers Berlin was going on, Waters talked about ‘finding friends, beating the [...]


Marsha P. Johnson was a liberation activist. Despite Hollywood’s latest claims as in the film Stonewall(2015), the African American drag queen was the one who threw the first brick against the police in June, 1969. Literally, according to various sources, this trans woman of color ‘really started it’ − not a pretty clean white boy [...]


In one of his latest articles ‘It’s a Mistake to Mistake Content for Content’ for Los Angeles Review of Books, the poet and founder of UbuWeb, Kenneth Goldsmith mentions the consumption of goods of Internet –  reminiscent of what Terre Thaemlitz says in our latest issue about mp3s as a commodity and the-almost-violent-act of downloading whatever we encounter [...]

straight ahead

With his second volume of poetry, The Less Deceived, Philip Larkin became the preeminent poet of his generation, and a leading voice of what came to be called ‘The Movement’, a group of young English writers of the 50’s known for their commitment to a clear and formalistic diction instead of too much sentimentalism in [...]


After a long sleepy winter break Art lovers can finally start planning their full-on gallery opening tours. For this weekends waverers in Berlin the ultimate must-see show tonight is the group exhibition at Micky Schubert. The opening of  her new space in Berlin’s Tiergarten area starts with a performance of the Glasgow-based artist and the former [...]

Keeping things whole

A delightful poem by recently deceased Canadian poet Mark Strand. Nothing else to say, just trying to keep things whole…

It’s A Bubble

Remember Bubbles? Well, whatever, we don’t want to say too much about this hypnotic new Aaron Rose-directed clip about the NYC art scene called “The Bubble”, other than the fact that it features a ton of creative people (aka his buddies) and has a strangely unique (and poetic, thanks to Kipling) [...]


Robert Montgomery is no stranger to Berlin, and he will be back tomorrow to open his new show at Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery, with his unmistakable blend of poetry, images and light.
Robert Montgomery: You Walk on the Bones of the Kings
29. November 2014 – 14. January 2015
Opening: 28. November 18–22h

Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery
Potsdamer Str. [...]

Good night series_B

Middleage philosophy by Anselm von Canterbury ad absurdum.
Here is Jorge Luis Borges and his geniuos parody on the ‘onthological’ evidence of god.