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Pixadores are members of the Pixação movement in São Paulo. It’s a huge number of people from the lower class who use street art to express their political wishes through a language of tagging that they developed.

The photograph presents pixação tags, which are spread all over São Paulo, from public squares to rooftops and balconies of the many deserted skyscrapers, walls, and barriers. Almost every street in this city with a population of 11 million is tagged. Pixadores have also targeted those locations where artists can achieve visibility. One such spray attack was aimed at the Academy of Fine Arts. The action was proposed as a diploma work by Rafael Pixobomb, but was considered vandalism and prevented by the security guards and the police.

Politics of the Poor
Presentation and painting workshop with Pixadores
In Portuguese with English translation, taking place as part of the 7th Berlin Biennale

09.06.2012, 4 pm
St. Elisabeth-Church

Invalidenstrasse 3
10115 Berlin

Photography: André Veira