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James Pearl Jones (2014), Haas Brothers

"Cool World," Haas Brothers/R & Company

Hairy J. Blige (2014), Haas Brothers

Excuse the terrible pun, but the works of the Haas Brothers demands irreverence, even the corny sort. Since officially opening in 2012, Nikolai and Simon Haas have produced a bizarre body of work that teeters between Louise Bourgeouis-Dr. Seussian surreality and everyday utility. Invoking a naive sensuality unbothered by the sexual and taboo, their work appears a testament of their rich artistic heritage (their parents are creative professionals and their brother is actor Lukas Haas), but dwells in an mystique and aesthetic peculiar to the fraternal twins. Their most recent exhibition is “Cool World” with R & Company, New York, open until January 15, 2015.