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In his solo show that will take place in GSL Projekt in Berlin, Aksaygın is contemplating on discrimination with the help of superhero Jhad, who is carrying artist’s ‘particular social, economical and sexual codes in Germany’. Fashion label SADAK, performance artist, musician and DJ Namosh and curator Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu is contributing with their design, music and text.

‘I am Jhad. I am the defender and protector of German society’s existence as I embody the integral and inseparable Other. I was created for this mission by German homosexuals and marvelous sexual powers were bestowed upon me. Hasan and I cohabit the same physical body; him as an artist and I as a Jihadist.’

Hasan Aksaygın
Openning: 22.05.2015 at 7pm
GSL Projekt
Novalisstr. 7
10115 Berlin