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Wishful Thinking

So apparently not one but two wishes came true last week: the amazing Dot Willow shooting a selfie campaign (including that video below), and Fog’s Andrew Broder returning to life with his wicked, weird take on “Wishes”, that song you’ve been watching the whole time earlier last year.


With any look back at singular Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill – cover star of our very current issue – one building to be mentioned sooner rather than later will inevitably be his housing complex in the outskirts of Barcelona, surely not by coincidence named Walden-7. Constructed right next to his headquarters La Fábrica, it will [...]


As with many, I sometimes find The Art to be indistinguishable from fashion, design, or decorative art, which is completely fine. However, the trend towards their sugary, whimsical ilk sometimes gives me one too many (hot)flashbacks of semi-reluctant jaunts around Anthropologie and its twee brethren.
When I first saw a feature praising Juan Fontanive, I spotted [...]


Ever wanted to go people watching in front of Berlin’s famed Berghain club on a Sunday morning? So did photographer Oliver Eglin, who took a series of portraits of clubbers post-euphoria, or as he puts it, ‘in the transitional stage between the fantasy of Berghain/Panorama and the blandness of the real world’. But rest assured, [...]


The venerable publishing house of National Geographic is celebrating its 125th anniversary, and have graciously installed a new site to share the best of their infinitely vast archives of photographs documenting our weird and wonderful planet over the last 125 years. Need we say more? Beats any funky design blogs or fashion blurb by light [...]

Young Fathers’ Newest Baby

Guess you didn’t hear about it because you were busy eating at Kreuzberg’s Salumeria Lamuri or digging Burnquist or blasting some Krule, but Anticon’s Young Fathers have dropped two mind-blowing “tapes”, as they like to call them, over the last few months – perhaps the best rap/non-rap music from Scotland ever?! -, and just [...]

The Gonz Goes Berlin

Anyone who’s ever been into skateboarding knows Mark Gonzales aka The Gonz, who happens to be a (dyslexic) poet and artist as well, and not even going into details about all the other (skate-related) things happening in Berlin this week, there’s going to be a photo exhibit (see flyer below) dedicated to the man who [...]


Now that the words by one David Foster Wallace have been tragically limited, we treasure each one of them, especially when they talk directly to us and about our lives (which they usually do anyway), as in his 2005 speech to a graduating class at Kenyon College. Prime Wallace with his pitch black humour that [...]


As you should know by now, we’re smooth talkers and we indeed shave our faces, so let’s quote Rilke (translated by Gass) to bid farewell to summer 2012 together: Lord, it is time. The summer was too long. / Lay your shadow on the sundials now, / and through the meadow let the winds throng. [...]

The Hair Apparent

Interviewer: Okay well, my last question actually comes from a special surprise guest who asked me to ask you this, so you’ll have to guess who this question came from.
Victoria Legrand: You’re asking it for them?
Exactly, and you have come up with who you think might have asked it. The question is how many pieces [...]