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As the holiday season is coming to an end, we are still looking for reasons to stay or even to go back to some of our favorite spots this summer. Cyprus for instance has not only a multilayered history, but also an eclectic contemporary art scene. Part of it is Neoterismoi Toumazou, a former novelty shop turned into an artist-run space in 2013 by artist and curator Maria Toumazou. Besides the curation of a diverse exhibition programme, she also produces artist editions and multiples. We are not surprised that the upcoming solo presentation of New York based artist Marysia Gacek looks just as promising!

Marysia Gacek’s work is known for its suggestive personal symbolism, using memory and arcane cultural references that assert the transcendent possibilities of the banal. Gacek works in a variety of materials from painting, clay, to textiles and video. By starting with a place, an image, a specific memory, or an object, she creates structures and narratives using personal symbolism and different modes of representation. For her exhibition, titled Same Goals, Gacek will display a collection of sculptures and assemblages testing the elusive nature of the forms depicted and the retraining of narratives. Elements of the exhibition allude to display strategies encountered during the artist’s stay in Cyprus.

Marysia Gacek – Same Goals
03 Septmeber – 25 September 2015
Neoterismoi Toumazou
69A Odos Aischylou
1011 Nicosia / Cyprus