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Whilst cycling in the city of Berlin, sometimes it is so shocking to observe how badly designed the city is. New condominiums or the so called ‘contemporary buildings’ of administrations are conquering our urban environment –the terrifying constructions spread around the city show that more is on the way.

Make City is a new festival on urban landscapes and architecture. In between the days 11th-28th June, the festival will take place with a program full of talks, exhibitions and happenings. Such a festival is important to contemplate on what is happening in/to our beloved city.

‘With the focus on making – a hands-on approach – to urban design, Make City brings together many urban acts of renegotiation and re-thinking of urban space. This is necessarily a collective act; it is about anticipating and involving the needs and desires of those that constitute the life of the city. Social networks, petition and protest, the disruptions that crack urban codes and regulations can open up city spaces to completely new forms of use. Urban Open Source is a key notion within the festival: a focus upon participation, upon making and thinking about the city differently – as a mutual project.’