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What is it that makes marble and its pattern so omnipresent these days? Originally composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, today the motive of marble is not only used in contemporary art, but also in fashion and textile production. Commonly used for sculpture and as building material, it now seems to be trendy to envelop the own body with the mosaic of carbonate crystals. The characteristic swirls and veins of marble shape a whole collection for Shallowww. The label not only translates internet semiology into fashion, but also uses the marble pattern to transform the human body into sculpture. A similar approach has the Australian label Game. The pattern of the metamorphic rock has been used as boulders that float as 3D-like pieces on arms, chest, and back. The milestone was probably set by Kenzo and their magnificent collection Marble Punch (the video produced to present the collection is an art piece itself!). The usage of natural produce somehow connotes the general empathy with nature and a certain ‘anthropocentrification’, which led to the reincarnation of marble as a cultural symbol, tradition and refined taste.