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and now. Female artists from the GDR

The exhibition and now traces the work of a selected group of female artists from the GDR – among which some have been discussed only sparsely in the overall German art historical field. ?The exhibition shows work from the 1980s made under ’socialistic conditions of production’ and as well as artistic developments and positions in the new social system of the 1990s. Furthermore, the show highlights the artists’ statements and expressions in the 2000s. ?Read more.

Curated by Angelika Richter & Beatrice E. Stammer / Co-curated by Bettina Knaup

Participating artists: Tina Bara, Annemirl Bauer, Else Gabriel, Angela Hampel, Verena Kyselka, Christine Schlegel, Cornelia Schleime, Gundula Schulze Eldowy, Gabriele Stötzer, Erika Stürmer-Alex, Ramona Welsh, Karla Woisnitza

November 27 – December 20, 2009 ?/ Opening: November 26, 7 pm
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

Image: marilyn by Tina Bara