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Remember those? For his project The Long Lines, photographer Spencer Harding spent a few weeks photographing dozens of ‘microwave towers’ in California, now defunct relics marking a turning point in telecommunication when phone signals were first transmitted via the sky rather than the earth.
Photography: The Long Lines by Spencer Harding

Monologue of a predator drone

We have seen consumer drones used for choreographical endeavors and music contextualization from above. Frensh philosopher Grégoire Chamayou inquires in the less creative but more destructive use of military predator drones.
Essentially, by combining modern weaponry in unmanned vehicles with remote video monitoring, military forces have found a way to project power which is entirely risk-free for [...]

Searching for good news

Sure, there are a lot of bad things happening out there but let’s focus on the positive – after winter always comes summer, Gus van Sant keeps on producing movies we are looking forward to, the second edition of the first recycled Fairphone is in work, the number of Ebola reinfections seems to finally go [...]


Mark Leckey, Circa 87, 2014 (Courtesy: Galerie Buchholz)
Although his oeuvre spans little more than 15 years, British artist Mark Leckey (born in 1964) is already considered a reference for a young generation of artists. After his studies he withdrew from the art world for nearly a decade. In 1999, with the video Fiorucci Made Me [...]


On one of the most famous streets of Berlin, Oranienstrasse, in the heart of Kreuzberg, a performance in a glass-walled container has been taking place. In collaboration with Hebbel am Ufer, artist Dries Verhoeven is performing his piece Wanna Play? by living in the container. In this period of fifteen days the artist is communicating [...]


“I mean, how you engender line, and the qualities you imbue this engendering moment with, are up to the individual artist. That’s what creates distinct performances.” says acclaimed choreographer William Forsythe. From legendary ballet dancer Sylvie Guillem’s perfect pirouettes to the charcoal lines, tables and ropes, Forsythe has been creating astonishing moments with bodies.
Nowadays, bodies are [...]


With the Berlin Art Week just around the corner, the local art world is revving up its engines: tomorrow opens the long-awaited art space in Neukölln’s former Kindl brewery, which should step up the game a notch in terms of grand art spaces in the city. Guest of honour will be Swiss Roman Signer with [...]


I’m deeply suspicious of COS, the H&M brainchild aimed at a slightly older and more sophisticated target group, but one has to hand it to them that they do know how to pick their collaborators: hiring the team behind Fantastic Man for their annoyingly tasty in-house magazine, Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers also [...]


I’m sure you’ve all heard already: Hyperlapse, the new app from Instragram that can replicate “[w]hat was once only possible with a Steadicam or a $15,000 tracking rig is now possible on your iPhone, for free.” As in the case of DSLRS, smartphone cameras, and–of course–Instagram, Hyperlapse represents the latest in innovations reducing cost and [...]

Listen to the Drones Singing

With consumer drones becoming more and more available, being Major Tom appears a more and more viable option. New airborne music videos, listen to the drones singing…
Drone 1: “We’re clear to sail…”

Drone 2: “Why you keep pretending that you wanna let go?”

Drone 3: “Lately I’ve been singing love songs by myself!”