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“I mean, how you engender line, and the qualities you imbue this engendering moment with, are up to the individual artist. That’s what creates distinct performances.” says acclaimed choreographer William Forsythe. From legendary ballet dancer Sylvie Guillem’s perfect pirouettes to the charcoal lines, tables and ropes, Forsythe has been creating astonishing moments with bodies.

Nowadays, bodies are merging with the capabilities of MacBook Pros. Since the new technologies have been invading every point in our lives, contemporary dance has also been influenced by such developments as 3D projection mapping  or interaction programming, etc. In this manner, Motion Bank − The Forsythe Company’s four year long project − is intending to “provide a broad context for research into choreographic practice” with the help of media designers. In collaboration with choreographers Deborah Hay, Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion, Bebe Miller and Thomas Hauert, new explorations/experiments are being done.