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Point And Duration

A good while ago, we introduced the Dexter Sinister-curated Watch Wyoscan 0.5 hz, and now it’s available as an app for your phone:

Time is like that — both point AND duration. This is how it can bend and warp. A week, a second, a season: all are specific and discrete, but none are the same. The present can be cut to any number of lengths, from a single electric pulse of an electronic circuit to the display period of a digital timepiece.

Wyoscan is an iOS app for iPhone and iPad, reverse-engineered to slowly render the current time from left to right, scanning across the screen, completing 1 cycle every 2 seconds (0.5 hz).
You’ll notice that reading this clock requires more attention than usual, as the seven segments of each digit are lit one by one across the display. This speed may be adjusted. Double tap the screen of your device and move your finger up or down to change the display rate until it reaches the limits of your perception. You and your clock are now in tune.

Wyoscan evolved from Watch Wyoscan 0.5 hz, a digital watch produced by Halmos and designed by Dexter Sinister. This new iOS app mines the logic of the original but leaves its hardware behind.