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“Wildcat is a state of mind; an experiment inspired by the composition and performance of jazz music.
The characters that populate this world are actual – cowboys; and envisioned – angels.
The town they all inhabit is real – Grayson, Oklahoma.”
2012 gave us “Until the Quiet Comes”, the pithy collaboration between filmmaker Kahlil Joseph and musician Flying Lotus. Its [...]


yes, yes, you see it right. these beautiful erotic pictures, full of strong contrasts were shot by julia noni for fat magazine. she is german and she’s a woman – we like that!


The song is good, but the video is wonderful. Fueling the beats and lyrics with Parallax-inspired stop motion, Nelson de Castro’s take on Digitalism’s Wolves is insanely addictive, and rather than sapping the viewer’s interest, the cinematic trope increases the hallucinatory momentum of the visuals, culminating in a cryptic Pop Rocks stare-off. How I’d like to [...]


La Muralla Roja – The Red Wall – is an apartment building by Ricardo Bofill constructed in 1973 on the Mediterranean coast near Alicante in Spain, and in vicinity of La Manzanera, an equally odd if aesthetically quite different Bofill landmark building. La Muralla Roja reads like an intellectual exercise gone havoc: drawing inspiration from [...]


I have yet to meet a graphic designer who does not fall prey to a slight obsession with stationery – drawers full of unused notebooks, desks cluttered with pencils from Japan or rubber stamps from Poland. A mildly addictive habit shared/exploited by the lads at London-based Present&Correct, that mecca for stylish household / office wares [...]


Whatever our little minds might think up, you can’t beat nature, of course. Nature will just always win. And just in case one might have forgotten about that, watch Daniel Stoupin’s stupendous time-lapse film, Slow Life, painstakingly assembled from thousands of still life photographs of coral reefs in full bloom. Turn off the sound [...]


The timeless and painterly photographs of Sarah Moon, truly makes a category of its own. From fashion photography to film, she has a library of mesmerizing image making behind her. The Michael Hoppen Gallery in London now shows some of her work in color until April 5th.
Micheal Hoppen Gallery
3 Jubilee Place
London SW3 3TD

Sarah Moon – [...]


The films of Peter Tscherkassky (1958-) hearken back to golden period of experimental cinema.  Despite the capabilities of today’s film editing software, they engender not the uneasy multiple exposures, the interruptions of sprocket holes, and eruptions of grinding sounds populating Tscherkassky’s films.  Since his introduction to the everyman’s Super 8 in 1979, his works, frenetic [...]


Seeing this pretty new video by Cy Kuckenbaker, don’t you wish they finally put some order into traffic?


As it is mentioned in Paper Journal, the images created in Lorenzo Vitturi’s photobook A Dalston Anatomy is reminiscent of Fischli/Weiss‘ sculptures − one may recall, especially, the selection in Venice Biennale 2013 − and Guiseppe Arcimboldo’s portraits depicted with fruits and vegetables. The vigorous use of colours in Vitturi’s works is again tempting. Uncanniness of [...]