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The Museum Tinguely in Basel has embarked on an intriguing series of exhibitions dedicated to our five senses, kicking off with verve with Belle Haleine, focusing on art that addresses our sense of smell. Of course, this is something that Sissel Tolaas knows a thing or two about, and she will indeed ’show’ her project [...]


The Berlinale Film Festival opened two days ago, which is always an exciting time for the city – somehow the mood changes for a few days. Legendary cinematographer Michael Ballhaus – longtime collaborator for Martin Scorsese – was one of the few German ‘exports’ to succeed in Hollywood and an important father figure for the [...]


As we are on the verge of releasing our next issue, here is a short excerpt from our still current and not to be missed mono.kultur #37 with war photographer James Nachtwey talking about his first big assignment on the civil war in Northern Ireland in the early 1980s:
You once mentioned how [...]


Artist duo Lernert & Sander are quickly becoming the guys to go to for fashion brands in the search of curious, quirky and eye-catching videos to promote their brand, and by golly, they do a great job. Latest addition in their row of illustrious clients is 3.1 Phillip Lim, for whom they developed four [...]

One Night In Berlin

Just in case you’re feeling that Berlin winter blues already: go out at night, and go underground.


Filmmaker, visual artist, author Hito Steyerl asks:
“…armed forces fire flares to add to the confusing scene of giant smoke plumes, ambulance horns, and faces illuminated by mobile phone screens. At the Cultural Center, a brilliant, all-female group of culture workers and municipality officials discusses the role of art with me. I pan to frame [...]

Miranda’s Trick: Free of Distractions

McSweeney’s first ever student short story contest!

If you are a fan of McSweeney’s


As tickets are going fast, we should mention that we’ll be participating at magCulture’s regular Printout night in London next week, dedicated to editorial design, as part of a fine line-up including Riposte, Winter and Talc magazines, speaking about the interaction between content and design. If in London next Tuesday, get a ticket here.

Lost Book Found

“I found connections between the street vendor, Benjamin’s ‘flaneur’, and my own work as an observer and collector of ephemeral street life,” Jem Cohen once said about his 1996 film Lost Book Found, a truly mindblowing, poetic Super 8/16mm flick about city life. Got 37 mins? Well, then watch it right now: