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doyoureadme_schweizThis weekend will see a flurry of events around self-published books and magazines – rumour has it that all events combined will present more publishers than the legendary New York Art Book Fair. We’ll keep you updated on a daily basis from now on, starting with a launch hosted by our friends’ excellent magazine store Do You Read Me?! which is always worth stopping by. They will be presenting the results of this year’s renowned Most Beautiful Swiss Books competition, which, being Swiss, tends to set landmarks in book design – it’s really, really good. And so are their catalogues that are always art-directed by one designer for three years in a row. The three catalogues by Laurent Benner – who has been involved in mono.kultur’s design concept from the very beginning and signed our issue #08 with Wolfgang Voigt – and Jonathan Hares have gained cult status by now and are notoriously difficult to find. Currently the catalogues are being designed by Laurenz Brunner, notably also the creator of our in-house font Akkurat.