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groupshowJust as Berlin Fashion Week has left town, the next festival is around the corner in this night-obsessed city: the annual electronic music extravaganza known as Club Transmediale will open its doors tomorrow for a 10-day marathon with the finest, weirdest, noisiest, quietest, obscurest sounds that the basements, back rooms and garages of this planet have to offer. Originally conceived as a sidekick to the electronic arts festival Transmediale, the club program has long since overtaken the day program, establishing itself as one of the finest festivals for electronic music. Which gives to prove that beer wins over art, any day.

Of course, there are some old friends participating, such as Raster-Noton hosting a night featuring Atom TM, the venerable Pan Sonic letting their frequencies loose against Japanese noise guitarist Keiji Haino, or the unmissable Groupshow playing alongside Andy Warhol’s Empire. But the real fun is to go for a blind date on a night where none of the names mean anything to you and let yourself be surprised.

Club Transmediale
28.01. – 07.02.2010
Various Locations

Photography: Classic Groupshow live setup, by kvr