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In case you’re spotting some weird behaviour by scruffy English lads in and around Munich these days, chances are they’re members of the wild bunch that is Le Gun. Despite the French insinuation in their name, the art collective is firmly rooted in British soil, including all the eccentricities that come with island life. We hear that they’re enjoying Bavarian beer and we just turned them onto Leberkäse. Anyway, they’re great fun, they make great work, they publish a great illustration magazine, they’re not ashamed to put up a giant arse and proclaim it art, and they have four one-night-stands in Munich, starting tonight, followed by a fivesome for the rest of the month. Servus.

September 9th: Steph von Reiswitz
September 10th: Chris Bianchi
September 11th: Robert Rubbish
September 12th: Bill Bragg

Group show for the rest of the month: Neal Fox, Steph von Reiswitz, Chris Bianchi, Robert Rubbish, Bill Bragg

Galerie Daniel Blau
Odeonsplatz 12
80539 München